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Revisiting the German Wage Structure
This paper shows that wage inequality in West Germany has increased over the past three decades, contrary to common perceptions. During the 1980s, the increase was concentrated at the top of theExpand
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From Sick Man of Europe to Economic Superstar: Germany's Resurgent Economy
In the late 1990s and into the early 2000s, Germany was often called "the sick man of Europe." Indeed, Germany's economic growth averaged only about 1.2 percent per year from 1998 to 2005, includingExpand
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How General Is Human Capital? A Task‐Based Approach
This article studies how portable skills accumulated in the labor market are. Using rich data on tasks performed in occupations, we propose the concept of task‐specific human capital to measureExpand
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Referral-Based Job Search Networks
This article derives novel testable implications of referral-based job search networks in which employees provide employers with information about potential new hires that they otherwise would notExpand
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Expansions in Maternity Leave Coverage and Mothers’ Labor Market Outcomes after Childbirth
This article analyzes the impact of five major expansions in maternity leave coverage in Germany on mothers’ labor market outcomes after childbirth. To identify the causal impact of the reforms, weExpand
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Expansions in Maternity Leave Coverage and Children's Long-Term Outcomes
This paper evaluates the impact of three major expansions in maternity leave coverage in Germany on children's long-run outcomes. To identify the causal impact of the reforms, we use aExpand
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On the Economics and Politics of Refugee Migration
This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of refugee migration, with emphasis on the current refugee crisis. After first reviewing the institutional framework laid out by the Geneva Convention forExpand
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Who Benefits from Universal Child Care? Estimating Marginal Returns to Early Child Care Attendance
We examine heterogeneous treatment effects of a universal child care program in Germany by exploiting variation in attendance caused by a reform that led to a large expansion staggered acrossExpand
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Testing for Asymmetric Employer Learning
Recent evidence suggests that employers acquire more precise information about a worker’s productivity the more time he or she spends in the labor market. The following question arises: Is learningExpand
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Peer Effects in the Workplace
Existing evidence on peer effects in the productivity of coworkers stems from either laboratory experiments or real-world studies referring to a specific firm or occupation. In this paper, we aim atExpand
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