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Science-based technologies: university-industry interactions in four fields
Abstract In recent years, the co-operation between industrial firms and universities has increased considerably, but the interaction pattern in different technological fields is not uniform. InExpand
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Linking Technology Areas to Industrial Sectors
Technological innovations are one of the key factors in explaining economic competitiveness of advanced countries. Therefore it is important to monitor technological development of areas, countriesExpand
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Handbook of Quantitative Science and Technology Research: The Use of Publication and Patent Statistics in Studies of S&T Systems
After a review of developments in the quantitative study of science, particularly since the early 1970s, I focus on two current main lines of ‘measuring science’ based on bibliometric analysis and the mapping of scientific fields . Expand
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Double-boom cycles and the comeback of science-push and market-pull
Abstract The discussion about the course of technology development began in the 1960s with linear science-push and market-pull models and received a decisive impetus in the 1980s with theExpand
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Service marks as novel innovation indicator
The analysis of services is difficult, due to a lack of appropriate statistical data. In this context, service marks prove to be an interesting novel indicator, showing a significant correlation toExpand
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Patent statistics in the age of globalisation: new legal procedures, new analytical methods, new economic interpretation
Abstract Patent analysis seems to become more difficult in the age of globalisation. Starting from microlevel observations, it is evident that multinational enterprises pursue differentExpand
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Technology transfer systems in the United States and Germany : lessons and perspectives
This book explores major similarities and differences in the structure, conduct, and performance of the national technology transfer systems of Germany and the United States. It maps the technologyExpand
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Tracing the knowledge transfer from science to technology as reflected in patent indicators
Different patent indicators based on sample patents and on respective references can be established and combined to a network which gives an interesting insight into the complex process of knowledge transfer. Expand
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