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Strontium and barium iodide high light yield scintillators
Europium-doped strontium and barium iodide are found to be readily growable by the Bridgman method and to produce high scintillation light yields.
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Scintillators With Potential to Supersede Lanthanum Bromide
New scintillators for high-resolution gamma ray spectroscopy have been identified, grown and characterized. Our development efforts have focused on two classes of high-light-yield materials:Expand
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Growth and interface study of 2 in diameter CdZnTe by THM technique
Growth interface of large diameter CdZnTe ingots grown from Te solution by travelling heater method have been studied. Both macroscopic and microscopic investigations were carried out. The resultsExpand
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Use of high-granularity CdZnTe pixelated detectors to correct response non-uniformities caused by defects in crystals
Abstract Following our successful demonstration of the position-sensitive virtual Frisch-grid detectors, we investigated the feasibility of using high-granularity position sensing to correct responseExpand
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Magnetic and electrical properties of single-phase multiferroic BiFeO3
We have reported the structural, thermal, microscopic, magnetization, polarization, and dielectric properties of BiFeO3 ceramics synthesized by a rapid liquid-phase sintering technique. OptimumExpand
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Growth of spectroscopic grade Cd0.9Zn0.1Te:In by THM technique
Abstract Large indium-doped detector grade (52 mm diameter, 1.1 kg) Cd0.9Zn0.1Te crystals have been grown by THM technique from Te-rich solution. The as-grown crystals showed the dark resistivity ofExpand
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Optical properties of Nd 3+ - and Tb 3+ -doped KPb 2 Br 5 and RbPb 2 Br 5 with low nonradiative decay
We report on the optical properties of Nd3+- and Tb3+-doped low-phonon-energy moisture-resistant host crystals, potassium lead bromide (KPb2Br5), and rubidium lead bromide (RbPb2Br5), includingExpand
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The effects of chemical etching on the charge collection efficiency of {111} oriented Cd/sub 0.9/Zn/sub 0.1/Te nuclear radiation detectors
We report the effects of different etchants on the mobility-lifetime product (/spl mu//spl tau/) of cadmium zinc telluride (CZT). The /spl mu//spl tau/ values were obtained via the Hecht relation.Expand
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Tb3+-doped KPb2Br5: Low-energy phonon mid-infrared laser crystal
Crystals of potassium lead bromide (KPB), a moisture-insensitive low-energy phonon laser host, were synthesized and purified. High-quality undoped and Tb3+-doped (nominal doping concentration wasExpand
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Study of annealing-induced changes in CdS thin films using X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy
Abstract We have investigated as grown and annealed (300 °C, 400 °C and 500 °C) thin films of CdS grown on GaAs (001) by chemical bath deposition. X-ray diffraction (XRD) shows that the as grown CdSExpand
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