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The TIGRESS Integrated Plunger ancillary systems for electromagnetic transition rate studies at TRIUMF
Abstract The TIGRESS Integrated Plunger device is a new experimental tool for nuclear structure investigations via gamma-ray spectroscopy with post-accelerated beams from the ISAC-II facility atExpand
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A method for establishing absolute full-energy peak efficiency and its confidence interval for HPGe detectors
Abstract A method is proposed for establishing the absolute efficiency calibration of a HPGe detector including the confidence interval in the energy range of 79.6–3451.2 keV. The calibrations wereExpand
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Hanbury Brown-Twiss Effect with Wave Packets
The Hanbury Brown-Twiss (HBT) effect, at the quantum level, is essentially an interference of one particle with another, as opposed to interference of a particle with itself. Conventional treatmentsExpand
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The GRIFFIN facility for Decay-Spectroscopy studies at TRIUMF-ISAC
Abstract Gamma-Ray Infrastructure For Fundamental Investigations of Nuclei, GRIFFIN, is a new high-efficiency γ -ray spectrometer designed for use in decay spectroscopy experiments with low-energyExpand
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Characteristics of GRIFFIN high-purity germanium clover detectors
Abstract The Gamma-Ray Infrastructure For Fundamental Investigations of Nuclei, GRIFFIN, is a new experimental facility for radioactive decay studies at the TRIUMF-ISAC laboratory. The performance ofExpand
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Some New Steganographic Techniques using Spatial Resolution Reduction
In this paper, we present four new techniques to hide a large volume of text in a gray level image by reducing its spatial resolution to its half, to its quarter and by reducing the spatialExpand
DFT modeling of adsorption onto uranium metal using large-scale parallel computing
There is a dearth of atomistic simulations involving the surface chemistry of 7-uranium which is of interest as the key fuel component of a breeder-burner stage in future fuel cycles. RecentExpand
A Bivariate Replacement Policy for an Extreme Shock Maintenance Model Under QUASI Renewal Process
Considering an extreme shock maintenance model for a degenerative simple repairable system, explicit expressions for the long-run average cost under the bivariate replacement policy has beenExpand
I n this paper, the moment inequalities for ageing classes New Renewal Better than Used (NRBU), Renewal New Better than Used (RNBU), Decreasing Mean Residual Life (DMRL), New Better than Renewal UsedExpand
New low-spin states of 122Xe observed via high-statistics beta-decay of 122Cs
Excited states of 122 Xe were studied via the β+ /EC decay of 122 Cs with the 8π γ -ray spectrometer at the TRIUMF-ISAC facility. Compton-suppressed HPGe detectors were used for measurements of γExpand