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Strained GaSb quantum dots having a staggered band lineup (type II) are formed in a GaAs matrix using molecular beam epitaxy. The dots are growing in a self‐organized way on a GaAs(100) surface uponExpand
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Mechanocatalytic Depolymerization of Lignocellulose Performed on Hectogram and Kilogram Scales
Mechanocatalytic depolymerization of lignocellulose constitutes a new frontier in biorefining. In a one-pot process, the combination of mechanical forces and acid catalysis leads to the fullExpand
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Application of Mueller matrix spectroscopic ellipsometry to determine line edge roughness on photomasks
We report on Mueller Matrix spectroscopic ellipsometry (MM-SE) to examine undesired asymmetries in structural parameters, i.e. line edge roughness (LER). The investigation was done on a photomaskExpand
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Fast Analysis of Element Contents by Inelastic Scattering of Neutrons and the Method of Time Correlated Associated Particles
The element content measurement programme of the Dresden University of Technology, Department of Physics, using the γ-radiation after inelastic scattering of 14 MeV neutrons is described. To suppressExpand
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Sensitivity analysis for OMOG and EUV photomasks characterized by UV-NIR spectroscopic ellipsometry
We investigated the potentials, applicability and advantages of spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) for the characterization of high-end photomasks. The SE measurements were done in the ultraviolet-nearExpand
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Photomask CD and LER characterization using Mueller matrix spectroscopic ellipsometry
Critical dimension and line edge roughness on photomask arrays are determined with Mueller matrix spectroscopic ellipsometry. Arrays with large sinusoidal perturbations are measured for differentExpand
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SiGe/Si layers—early stages of plastic relaxation
The plastic relaxation of SiGe/Si is closely related to the nucleation of misfit dislocations at early stages. We have investigated the very early stages at annealing temperatures ranging from 520°CExpand
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Elastic properties and piezoelectric coupling coefficients of nitrilotriacetic acid, (N(CH2COOH)3 = NTA = H3NTA′), Li3NTA′ · 2 H2O, Na2HNTA′, K2Zr(NTA′)2 · 2 H2O, Rb2Zr(NTA′)2 · 2 H2O, Cs2Zr(NTA′)2 ·
Elastic and thermoelastic constants of nitrilotriacetic acid, N(CH 2 COOH) 3 , Li 3 N(CH 2 COO) 3 .2H 2 O, Na 2 HN(CH 2 COO) 3 , X 2 Zr(N(CH 2 COO) 3 ) 2 .y H 2 O (X = K, Rb, Cs; y = 1, 2) and (NH 4Expand
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Pyroelectric, dielectric, piezoelectric and electrooptic properties of monoclinic nitrilotriacetic acid N(CH2COOH)3 and orthorhombic X2Zr[N(CH2COO)3]2 · 2 H2O (X = K, Rb, Cs)
Large single crystals of monoclinic nitrilotriacetic acid, N(CH2COOH)3, NTA, and of orthorhombic isotypic X2Zr[N(CH2COO)3]2 · 2 H2O (X = K, Rb, Cs) have been grown from aqueous solutions. TheyExpand
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