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Mechanical behavior of amorphous alloys
The mechanical properties of amorphous alloys have proven both scientifically unique and of potential practical interest, although the underlying deformation physics of these materials remain lessExpand
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Strain rate sensitivity of a closed-cell aluminum foam
Abstract An experimental investigation into the strain rate sensitivity of a closed-cell aluminum foam at room temperature and under compression loading is conducted. The nominal strain rates areExpand
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Experimental studies on the nature of property gradients in the human dentine.
We conducted an investigation into the nature of dentine mineralization and mechanical property gradients with the aid of experimental techniques such as the fluoroscopic X-ray microanalysis andExpand
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Extraordinary synergy in the mechanical properties of polymer matrix composites reinforced with 2 nanocarbons
One of the applications of nanomaterials is as reinforcements in composites, wherein small additions of nanomaterials lead to large enhancements in mechanical properties. There have been extensiveExpand
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Variability in mechanical properties of a metal foam
Mechanical properties of cellular materials depend on their relative densities. In this paper, variability in elastic modulus, plastic strength, and energy absorption of a closed-cell Al foam,Expand
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Micro-and meso-structures and their influence on mechanical properties of selectively laser melted Ti-6Al-4V
Abstract The tensile properties, mode I fracture toughness (KIc), fatigue crack growth behavior, and unnotched fatigue strength of additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V (Ti64) alloy using selective laserExpand
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Mechanical properties and anisotropy in hydroxyapatite single crystals
The mechanical behavior of single crystalline hydroxyapatite is examined through instrumented nano- and microindentation experiments on prism and basal planes. The results indicate that the c-axisExpand
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Microstructural effects on the mechanical behavior of B-modified Ti–6Al–4V alloys
Small additions of B $(\leq0.4 wt.\%)$ to Ti alloys refine the as-cast microstructure significantly and improve the alloys’ mechanical performance. In this work, tensile, fracture and fatigueExpand
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Direct physical evidence for the back-transformation of stress-induced martensite in the vicinity of cracks in pseudoelastic NiTi shape memory alloys
Crack loading and crack extension in pseudoelastic binary NiTi shape memory alloy (SMA) miniature compact tension (CT) specimens with 50.7 at.% Ni (austenitic, pseudoelastic) was investigated usingExpand
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Hardness and plastic deformation in a bulk metallic glass
An experimental investigation into the Vickers hardness and associated plastic deformation in as-cast and annealed Pd42Ni40P18 bulk metallic glass was conducted. In addition to the bulk indentationExpand
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