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Coumarins and esters ofFerula microcarpa
Summary1. In addition to known compounds, a new terpenoid coumarin has been isolated fromFerula microcarpa — fecarpin, which is the stereoisomer of kamolol in relation to the orientation of theExpand
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Sesquiterpene lactones ofAjania fastigiata
We have studied the lactones of the plant Ajania fastigiata (C. Winkl.) Poljak., family Compositae [i], collected in the flowering phase in August, 1978, in the Chon-Kemin region, Kirghiz SSR. TheExpand
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Lactones ofAchillea santolina
The epigeal part of Achillea s~tollna L. (santolin yarrow) collected in the Kashkardar'ya oblast of the Uzbek SSR in the budding and incipient flowering period was extracted with chloroform. When theExpand
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Dynamics of the accumulation of the alkaloids ofReseda luteola structure of lutine and lutinine
SummaryThe qualitative and quantitative changes in the composition of the combined bases inReseda luteola during the vegetation periods have been studied. From the epigeal part of the plant we haveExpand
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Sesquiterpene lactones ofSaussurea elegans
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Coumarins ofFerula malacophyla
From the neutral fraction of an ethanolic extract of the roots of Fe~la malacophyla M. Pim. et J. Baran [i] collected in the Alimtau region (Chimkent oblast. KazSSR) in the fruitbearing phase (July,Expand
Esters of three species ofFerula
Continuing systematic investigations of plants of the genus Ferula L., which is widely represented in the flora of Central Asia [i], we give information on a study of the terpenoid composition of F.Expand
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Esters of Ferula akitschkensis
The NMR spectrum of (I) (Jeol 60 MHz, CDC13, 0 - HMDS) contains the following signals: doublets at 0.78 and 0.85 ppm (J =6.5 Hz, 3 H each), singlets at 1.05 and 1.70 ppm (3 H each ), 3.40 and 3.42Expand
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The dynamics of the accumulation of psoralen inPsoralea drupacea
propoxy-3-methylanthraquinone) , C21H2204, mp 106" C, yield 87.1%; the diisobutyl ether of chrysophanol (1, 8 -d i i sobutoxy-3-methylanthraquinone) , C23H2604, mp 126" C, y ie ld 89.3%; theExpand
Esters from the roots ofFerula lapidosa
We have previously isolated chimgin from the roots of Ferula lapidosa Eug. Korov. [I]. From the roots of Ferula lapidosa collected in the valley of Susamyr, KirgSSR, by extraction with ethanolExpand
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