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Southward Migration of the Intertropical Convergence Zone Through the Holocene
The Cariaco Basin record exhibits strong correlations with climate records from distant regions, including the high-latitude Northern Hemisphere, providing evidence for global teleconnections among regional climates.
Rapid changes in the hydrologic cycle of the tropical Atlantic during the last glacial.
Sedimentary time series of color reflectance and major element chemistry from the anoxic Cariaco Basin off the coast of northern Venezuela record large and abrupt shifts in the hydrologic cycle of the tropical Atlantic during the past 90,000 years, which supports the notion that tropical feedbacks played an important role in modulating global climate during the last glacial period.
Rapid Acidification of the Ocean During the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Geochemical data from five new South Atlantic deep-sea sections indicate that a large mass of carbon dissolved in the ocean at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary and that permanent sequestration of this carbon occurred through silicate weathering feedback.
Astronomical pacing of late Palaeocene to early Eocene global warming events
A distinct carbonate-poor red clay layer in deep-sea cores from Walvis ridge is reported, which is term the Elmo horizon, which has similar geochemical and biotic characteristics as the Palaeocene–Eocene thermal maximum, but of smaller magnitude, suggesting that it represents a second global thermal maximum.
On the duration of the Paleocene‐Eocene thermal maximum (PETM)
The Paleocene‐Eocene thermal maximum (PETM) is one of the best known examples of a transient climate perturbation, associated with a brief, but intense, interval of global warming and a massive
Astronomical calibration of the Paleocene time
Links between tropical rainfall and North Atlantic climate during the last glacial period
The last glacial period was marked by dramatic climate fluctuations. Sediment records from the Cariaco Basin and the Arabian Sea suggest that cooling in the North Atlantic region was tightly coupled
Coherent high- and low-latitude control of the northwest African hydrological balance
Variability in northwest African humidity has been documented for the Holocene period, but less is known about the development of the hydrological balance during the Pleistocene period. Sedimentary