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"The Logic of the River": A Spatial Approach to Ethnic-Territorial Mobilization in the Colombian Pacific Region
Este articulo sostiene que planteamientos espaciales no han recibido suficiente atencion en las teorias establecidas sobre movimientos sociales y la construction de identidades. A partir de laExpand
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Violence in development: the logic of forced displacement on Colombia's Pacific coast
A progressive piece of legislation in 1993 granted collective land rights to Colombia's black communities living in the rural areas of the Pacific coast region. This measure aimed partly to supportExpand
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Another History of Violence
A conceptual framework of “geographies of terror” can serve as a critique of contemporary dominant geopolitical discourses on the “war on terror” and as a methodological tool for studying the impactExpand
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tradición oral y cultura política en comunidades negras de la costa pacífica colombiana
THIS ARTICLE PRESENTS A SAMPLE OF ORAL LITERATURE FROM THE AFRO-COLOMBIAN people, including unedited verses and poems gathered by the author in Guapi on the Cauca coast of the Pacific region. BeyondExpand
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Global assemblages, resilience, and Earth Stewardship in the Anthropocene
In this paper, we argue that the Anthropocene is an epoch characterized not only by the anthropogenic dominance of the Earth's ecosystems but also by new forms of environmental governance andExpand
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Violence, fear, and development in Latin America: a critical overview
This introduction presents the core concepts that shape this special issue on the impact of violence and the processes of development in Central and South America. The understanding of development isExpand
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The Geographies of Social Movements: Afro-Colombian Mobilization and the Aquatic Space
In The Geographies of Social Movements Ulrich Oslender proposes a critical place perspective to examine the activism of black communities in the lowland rain forest of Colombia's Pacific CoastExpand
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Fleshing out the geographies of social movements: Colombia's Pacific coast black communities and the ‘aquatic space’
Abstract The intersections between the concepts of space, place and resistance have recently received increasing attention from geographers dedicated to the study of social movements. Space and placeExpand
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Espacio, lugar y movimientos sociales: hacia una "espacialidad de resistencia"
Aunque abunda hoy el uso de metaforas espaciales en las ciencias sociales, muchos geografos deploran la reduccion analitica de conceptos como espacio y lugar en muchos trabajos a una mera funcionExpand
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