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Morphometric differentiation in small juveniles of the pink spotted shrimp (Farfantepenaeus brasiliensis) and the southern pink shrimp (F. notialis) in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
The morphometric and morphological characters of the rostrum have been widely used to identify penaeid shrimp species (Heales et al., 1985; Dall et al., 1990; Pendrey et al., 1999). In this setting,Expand
Metacommunity structure of estuarine fish larvae: the role of regional and local processes
Understanding the effects of regional processes on local community structure is a central issue of metacommunity studies. Here we examined the relative contribution of both regional and localExpand
Metazoan parasite infracommunities of the dusky flounder (Syacium papillosum) as bioindicators of environmental conditions in the continental shelf of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
BackgroundWe assessed metrics of the metazoan parasite infracommunities of the dusky flounder (Syacium papillosum) as indicators of aquatic environmental health of the Yucatan Shelf (YS) prior to oilExpand
Fish larvae and juveniles checklist (Pisces) from the northern Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico, with 39 new records for the region
A taxonomic checklist for fi sh larvae and juveniles occurring at Yalahau (June 2001-May 2002), Celestun (July 1994-June 1995), Chelem (July 1999-June 2000) ...
Spatial variation of Snapper and Grouper larvae in Yucatan Shelf
The objective was to analyze the abundance and distribution of snappers and groupers in the Yucatan shelf. We analyzed forty-five samples of ichthyoplankton that were taken from oceanographicExpand
Composition and abundance of zooplankton groups from a coral reef lagoon in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico, during an annual cycle.
Zooplankton sampling was carried out monthly from January to December 1990 at station A near the coastline, and station B near the reef barrier, in a tropical coral reef lagoon in the MexicanExpand
Estudio anual del zooplancton: composición, abundancia, biomasa e hidrología del norte de Quintana Roo, mar Caribe de México Annual study of zooplankton: composition, abundance, biomass and hydrology
Zooplankton sampling was carried out in the northern coast of the Mexican Caribbean Sea, from Puerto Morelos to Cancun. Captures were made with a conic net 0.4m diameter, 1.40m length and 0.330 mmExpand
Spatial and seasonal variability of Acartia (Copepoda) in a tropical coastal lagoon of the southern Gulf of Mexico
En este estudio se analizo la variabilidad estacional de la distribucion y abundancia de especies de copepodos del genero Acartia en una laguna costera de la costa norte de la Peninsula de Yucatan,Expand
Spatial variation of medusan community (Cnidaria) in the Southern Gulf of Mexico, during autumn 1999
The spatial variation of the jellyfish community during fall of 1999 in the southern region of the Gulf of Mexico was analyzed. Plankton material was collected through superficial Bongo-type net towsExpand