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On‐Pump Beating Heart Mitral Valve Surgery without Cross‐Clamping the Aorta
In this study, it is shown that on‐pump beating heart operations without cross‐clamping is an acceptable surgical choice for mitral valve disease and perioperative mortality is lower than that generally reported with conventional technique.
Beating heart versus conventional mitral valve surgery.
It is concluded that beating heart MVS can be performed successfully, particularly for patients at higher risk which will lead to increased morbidity and mortality in postoperative period.
Redo valve surgery with on-pump beating heart technique.
Normothermic on-pump beating heart valve replacement offers a safe alternative to cardioplegic arrest in high-risk group and perioperative mortality is lower than with conventional surgery.
Aortic Valve Replacement With On‐Pump Beating Heart Technique
On‐pump beating heart aortic valve replacement with retrograde CS warm blood perfusion is a good surgical option, and has the advantage of maintaining physiologic condition of the heart throughout the procedure.
Does on-pump normothermic beating-heart valve surgery with low tidal volume ventilation protect the lungs?
Inflammation and oxidative stress markers were lower in the group of patients who underwent beating-heart valve surgery with low-volume ventilation, reflecting less of an ischemic insult and lower inflammation compared with the results for the patients who undergo conventional operations.
A new technique of myocardial protection during aortic root replacement: antegrade/retrograde coronary perfusion.
Aortic root surgery has traditionally been performed with an arrested and cooled heart using cardioplegia. A new technique of myocardial protection was utilized in the treatment of ascending aortic
Levosimendan for Ischemic Preconditioning in Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Levosimendan can be used for preconditioning and spinal cord protection from ischemic injury during descending aorta repair and clearly benefit from the vasodilator peculiarity of the drug for improving spinal cord perfusion.
Paracardiac gossypiboma (textiloma) in 2 patients.
In symptomatic patients, operative removal of the pad or sponge is recommended; however, the decision to operate might be less immediately clear in asymptomatic patients.