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An extensive library of 2500–10 500 Å synthetic spectra
We present a complete library of synthetic spectra based on Kurucz’s codes that covers the 2500–10 500 A wavelength range at resolving powers RP = 20 000, 11 500 (≡GAIA), 8500 (≡RAVE), 2000 (≡SLOAN)
The RAVE survey: constraining the local Galactic escape speed
New constraints on the local escape speed of the Galaxy are reported, finding that the escape velocity lies within the range 498 <v(esc) <608 km s (-1) (90 per cent confidence), with a median likelihood of 544 km s(-1).
The Asiago Database on Photometric Systems (ADPS) - II. Band and reddening parameters
The Asiago Database on Photometric Systems (ADPS) is a compilation of basic information and reference data on 201 photometric systems (both ground-based and space-born), available in printed form
Local stellar kinematics from RAVE data - I. Local standard of rest
We analyze a sample of 82850 stars from the RAVE survey, with well-determined velocities and stellar parameters, to isolate a sample of 18026 high-probability thin-disc dwarfs within 600 pc of the
A catalogue of symbiotic stars
We present a new catalogue of symbiotic stars. In our list we include 188 symbiotic stars as well as 30 objects suspected of being symbiotic. For each star, we present basic observational material:
The RAVE survey : the Galactic escape speed and the mass of the Milky Way
We made new estimates of the Galactic escape speed at various Galactocentric radii using the latest data release of the RAdial Velocity Experiment (RAVE DR4). Compared to previous studies we have a
The mysterious eruption of V838 Mon
V838 Mon is marking one of the most mysterious stellar outbursts on record. The spectral energy distribution of the progenitor resembles an under-luminous F main sequence star (at V =1 5:6 mag), that
The radial velocity experiment (RAVE): First data release
The first data release of the Radial Velocity Experiment (RAVE) is presented and it is demonstrated that the radial velocities derived for the first data set do not show any systematic trend with color or signal-to-noise ratio.
An energetic stellar outburst accompanied by circumstellar light echoes
High-resolution imaging and polarimetry of light echoes indicate that V838 Mon represents a hitherto unknown type of stellar outburst, for which the authors have no completely satisfactory physical explanation.
The GALAH Survey: Second Data Release
The Galactic Archaeology with HERMES (GALAH) survey is a large-scale stellar spectroscopic survey of theMilkyWay, designed to deliver complementary chemical information to a large number of stars