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The development of executive function in early childhood.
According to the Cognitive Complexity and Control (CCC) theory, the development of executive function can be understood in terms of age-related increases in the maximum complexity of the rulesExpand
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The effects of parental scaffolding on preschoolers' executive function.
The present study explores the effects of parental scaffolding of children's problem solving on the development of executive function (EF). Eighty-two children were assessed at 2, 3, and 4 years ofExpand
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The Development of Executive Function
Research on executive function has grown dramatically over the past three decades. Even though the term emerged only 40 years ago, the concept of executive function can be traced back to far earlierExpand
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Executive function and the promotion of social–emotional competence
Executive function is understood as an umbrella term encompassing a number of interrelated sub-skills necessary for purposeful, goal-directed activity. Research suggests a vital role for executiveExpand
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The role of negative priming in preschoolers' flexible rule use on the dimensional change card sort task.
Four experiments examined the development of negative priming (NP) in 3-5-year-old children using as a measure of children's executive function (EF) the dimensional change card sort (DCCS) task. InExpand
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Executive functions in extremely low birth weight and late-preterm preschoolers: Effects on working memory and response inhibition
Executive function (EF) refers to fundamental capacities that underlie more complex cognition and have ecological relevance across the individual's lifespan. However, emerging executive functionsExpand
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Cognitive and Emotional Aspects of Self-Regulation in Preschoolers.
Abstract The goal of the present study was to examine the contribution of executive function (EF) and social cognition to individual differences in emotion regulation (ER) in preschool children.Expand
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Kinship Foster Care Moving to the Mainstream
ABSTRACT Formal kinship foster care is the fastest growing type of foster care placement for children under the care and protection of the state. We review the reasons for the growth in formalExpand
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