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Plant community responses to experimental warming across the tundra biome
Recent observations of changes in some tundra ecosystems appear to be responses to a warming climate. Several experimental studies have shown that tundra plants and ecosystems can respond strongly toExpand
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The International Tundra Experiment (ITEX) is a collaborative, multisite experiment using a common temperature manipulation to examine variability in species response across climatic and geographicExpand
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Global assessment of experimental climate warming on tundra vegetation: heterogeneity over space and time.
Understanding the sensitivity of tundra vegetation to climate warming is critical to forecasting future biodiversity and vegetation feedbacks to climate. In situ warming experiments accelerateExpand
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Plot-scale evidence of tundra vegetation change and links to recent summer warming.
Temperature is increasing at unprecedented rates across most of the tundra biome(1). Remote-sensing data indicate that contemporary climate warming has already resulted in increased productivity ovExpand
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Continent-wide response of mountain vegetation to climate change
Climate impact studies have indicated ecological fingerprints of recent global warming across a wide range of habitats1, 2. Although these studies have shown responses from various local caseExpand
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Recent Plant Diversity Changes on Europe’s Mountain Summits
Climb Every Mountain Mountaintop floras across Europe appear to be responding to climatic change in terms of upslope species range shifts. Pauli et al. (p. 353) systematically analyzed data gatheredExpand
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Global negative vegetation feedback to climate warming responses of leaf litter decomposition rates in cold biomes.
Whether climate change will turn cold biomes from large long-term carbon sinks into sources is hotly debated because of the great potential for ecosystem-mediated feedbacks to global climate.Expand
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Ecology of Alpine Snowbeds and the Impact of Global Change
ABSTRACT The ecosystems of alpine snowbed habitats are reviewed with emphasis on ecosystem functioning and capability to adapt to current and predicted global change. Snowbeds form in topographicExpand
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Responses of Dryas octopetala to ITEX environmental manipulations : a synthesis with circumpolar comparisons
We have examined organismic responses of Dryas octopetala to simulated changes in the summer climate at four tundra sites as part of the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX). Our study sites areExpand
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Global change and arctic ecosystems: is lichen decline a function of increases in vascular plant biomass?
Cornelissen, J. H. C., Callaghan, T. V., Alatalo, J. M., Michelsen, A., Graglia, E., Hartley, A. E., Hik, D. S., Hobbie, S. E., Press, M. C., Robinson, C. H., Henry, G. H. R. (2001). Global changeExpand
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