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Prioritizing Digital Identity Goals - The Case Study of Aadhaar in India
Identity is one of the basic building blocks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and as the capability of digital technologies improves drastically in the last decade, identity in digital form has become unavoidable. Expand
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Realizing digital identity in government: Prioritizing design and implementation objectives for Aadhaar in India
This paper takes Aadhaar as a case study and uses Design Theory (DT) and Critical Success Factor theory (CSF) as a theoretical lens and attempts to evaluate design and execution choices made during the tenure of the project. Expand
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A Mechanism for Mining Top Impacted Segments in Web Analytics based on the Variants used for AB Testing
Volume 3, Issue 2, February 2014 Page 66 Abstract In this paper, a new approach for Impact Analysis of AB Testing is presented that aids in mining Top Impacted Behavioral Segments in Web Analytics,Expand
Critical success factors for integrating artificial intelligence and robotics
This paper aims to enlighten stakeholders about critical success factors (CSFs) in developing intelligent autonomous systems (IASs) by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with robotics. Expand
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