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A History of Mathematics.
Origins. Egypt. Mesopotamia. Ionia and the Pythagoreans. The Heroic Age. The Age of Plato and Aristotle. Euclid of Alexandria. Archimedes of Syracuse. Apollonius of Perga. Greek Trigonometry andExpand
Laboratory instruments in the history of psychology.
The importance of laboratory instruments as sources for the writing of the history of psychology is stressed, and illustrated through the use of examples where their study has been profitable. MostExpand
A century of mathematics in America
The Nineteenth Century American mathematics comes of age, 1875-1900 by K. V. H. Parshall and D. E. Rowe W. E. Story of Hopkins and Clark by R. Cooke and V. F. Rickey The best method. AmericanExpand
Georg Scheutz and the first printing calculator.
Merzbach, Uta C. Georg Scheutz and the First Printing Calculator. Smitlisonian Studies in History and Technology, number 36, 74 pages, 35 figures, 1977.— The Swedish publisher Georg ScheutzExpand
A national inventory of historic psychological apparatus.
Carl Friedrich Gauss: A Bibliography
B. Holbrook interview: May 10, 1969
Holbrook began working for Bell Laboratories in 1930 in transmission research, developing electrical analog anti-aircraft fire control equipment, and with the switching research department. In 1957,Expand