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Liberalism and Empire: A Study in Nineteenth-Century British Liberal Thought
One takes liberalism to be a set of ideas committed to political rights and self-determination, yet it also served to justify an empire built on political domination. Uday Singh Mehta argues thatExpand
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A Review of Factors Affecting Fat Absorption in Hot Chips
  • U. Mehta, B. Swinburn
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Critical reviews in food science and nutrition
  • 1 March 2001
Referee: Professor David Roberts, Department of Nutrition, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW, Australia Consumption of hot chips is a convenience food in most countries. Unfortunately, theseExpand
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Pancreas at 3.0 Tesla: Qualitative and Quantitative Comparison With 1.5 Tesla
Objectives:We sought to perform a preliminary comparison of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and image quality for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the pancreas at 1.5 and 3 T. Materials andExpand
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Changes in the chemical composition and organoleptic quality of citrus peel candy during preparation and storage
Etude des pertes en acide ascorbique, en glucides, en carotenoides, pigments et polyphenols lors du confisage des peaux de trois especes d'agrume (mandarine, orange, citron)
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Infraspinatus muscle atrophy: implications?
PURPOSE To evaluate associated findings in patients who exhibited atrophy of infraspinatus muscle at magnetic resonance (MR) examination of their shoulders to clarify implications of thisExpand
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Liberal Strategies of Exclusion
Pure insight, however is in the first instance without any content; it is the sheer disappearance of content; but by its negative attitude towards what it excludes it will make itself real and giveExpand
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Liberalism and empire : Indian in British liberal thought
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Effect of supplementation of blue green alga (Spirulina) on outcome of pregnancy in rats
To study the supplementary effect of Spirulina, pregnant rats were fed 5 different kinds of diets (casein, Spirulina, wheat gluten, Spirulina + wheat gluten, Spirulina-without additional vitamins andExpand
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The Rebirth of Shiv Sena: The Symbiosis of Discursive and Organizational Power
IN RALLY UPON RALLY OVER THE LAST half-dozen years, Shiv Sena party supporters have been exhorted to intone, "Say with pride, that we are Hindu" ("Garva se kaho hum hindu hai"). In Hindi, notExpand
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