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New species and new combinations in the lichen genera Fissurina and Hemithecium from India
In continuation of our ongoing revisionary studies on the lichen family Graphidaceae from India, a treatment of 25 species of the lichen genera Fissurina and Hemithecium from India is presented. InExpand
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Trans-septate species of Acanthothecis and Fissurina from India
Eighteen species in the lichen genera Acanthothecis Clem. and Fissurina Fee (Graphidaceae) with colourless, trans-septate ascospores are recorded from India. Eight new species, namely AcanthothecisExpand
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A new species of the lichen genus Phlyctis from Maharashtra, India
A new species, Phlyctis communis, characterized by 8-spored asci, 7–14(–16) transversely septate ascospores, and salazinic and norstictic acids, is described from India. Key words—Ascomycetes,Expand
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Nomenclatural notes on some species of Arthothelium (Lichenized Ascomycotina)
Nomenclatural changes are presented for eleven species of the genus Arthothelium , resulting in four new combinations and five new synonyms. The new combinations are: Arthothelium subbessale (Nyl.)Expand
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The lichen genus Sclerophyton in India
Abstract Abstract: Sclerophyton is reported for the first time from India and two species of this genus, namely S. elegans Eschw. and a new species S. indicum U. V. Makhija & B. A. Adawadkar areExpand
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