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The CDF Detector: An Overview
The Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) is a 5000 t magnetic detector built to study 2 TeV pp collisions at the Fermilab Tevatron. Event analysis is based on charged particle tracking, magneticExpand
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CDF Central Muon Detector
Abstract Design, construction and performance characteristics of the streamer chambers for the central muon detector at CDF are described. A single hit TDC is used for measurements in the driftExpand
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Lepton pair production in deep inelastic e-γ scattering
Abstract At PETRA we have measured the process e + γ → e + l + + l − , where l is either an electron or a muon, at an average Q 2 of 9.5 GeV 2 / c 2 . The total number of collected events is 240. WeExpand
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On the Model Dependence of the Determination of the Strong Coupling Constant in Second Order {QCD} From $e^+ e^-$ Annihilation Into Hadrons
Abstract Hadronic events obtained with the CELLO detector at PETRA are compared with second order QCD predictions using different models for the fragmentation of quarks and gluons into hadrons. WeExpand
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Observation of the two photon cascade 3.7 → 3.1 + γγ via an intermediate state Pc
Abstract The two photon cascade decay of the 3.7 GeV resonance into the 3.1 GeV resonance has been observed in two nearly independent experiments. The clustering of the photon energies around 160 MeVExpand
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Production of thef0(1270) meson in photon-photon collisions
The production of thef0 in two photon collisions, with the subsequent decayf0→π+π− has been observed in the CELLO detector at PETRA. Thef0 peak was found to lie on a dipion continuum and to beExpand
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Strange-quark suppression in 225-GeV/c. pi. /sup -/Be interactions
We report here on a new measurement of the strange-quark suppression factor lambda, using data on ..omega..(783) and phi(1020) mesons observed via the decay to ..mu../sup +/..mu../sup -/. We findExpand
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Hadronic production of charmonium in 225-GeV/c. pi. /sup -/ Be interactions
Events in which the charmonium states J/psi and psi' are produced in 225-GeV/c ..pi../sup -/Be collisions have been selected with a dimuon trigger. Coincidences with detected photons have identifiedExpand
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