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Single-Cycle Nonlinear Optics
The confinement of the nonlinear interaction of light with matter to a single wave cycle is reported on and its utility for time-resolved and strong-field science is demonstrated.
Delay in Photoemission
Ultrafast metrology reveals a 20-attosecond delay between photoemission from different electronic orbitals in neon atoms and theoretical models refined with the help of attosecond timing metrology may provide insight into electron correlations and allow the setting of the zero of time in atomic-scale chronoscopy with a precision of a few attose Cond.
Attosecond spectroscopy in condensed matter
The ability to obtain direct time-domain access to charge dynamics with attosecond resolution by probing photoelectron emission from single-crystal tungsten is demonstrated and illustrates thatAttosecond metrology constitutes a powerful tool for exploring not only gas-phase systems, but also fundamental electronic processes occurring on the attose Cond timescale in condensed-matter systems and on surfaces.
Time-resolved atomic inner-shell spectroscopy
It is demonstrated that a laser-based sampling system, consisting of a few-femtosecond visible light pulse and a synchronized sub-feminine soft X-ray pulse, allows us to trace the relaxation dynamics of core-excited atoms directly in the time domain with attosecond resolution.
Atomic transient recorder
With the current ∼750-nm laser probe and ∼100-eV excitation, the transient recorder is capable of resolving atomic electron dynamics within the Bohr orbit time.
Attosecond Nanoplasmonic Field Microscope
Nanoplasmonics deals with collective electronic dynamics on the surface of metal nanostructures, which arises as a result of excitations called surface plasmons. This field, which has recently
Direct Measurement of Light Waves
The apparatus allows complete characterization of few-cycle waves of visible, ultraviolet, and/or infrared light, thereby providing the possibility for controlled and reproducible synthesis of ultrabroadband light waveforms.
Direct observation of electron propagation and dielectric screening on the atomic length scale
It is shown that attosecond metrology (1 as = 10−18 seconds) now enables quantitative insight into weakly disturbed electron wave packet propagation on the atomic length scale without being hampered by scattering effects, which inevitably occur over macroscopic propagation length scales.
Attosecond real-time observation of electron tunnelling in atoms
The real-time observation of this most elementary step in strong-field interactions: light-induced electron tunnelling is reported, and the process is found to deplete atomic bound states in sharp steps lasting several hundred attoseconds, suggesting a new technique, attose Cond Tunnelling, for probing short-lived, transient states of atoms or molecules with high temporal resolution.
Attosecond Control and Measurement: Lightwave Electronics
The current state of lightwave electronics is reviewed and some future directions are highlighted, including Controlled few-cycle light waves and synchronized attosecond pulses constitute its key tools.