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The Chloroplast Calcium Sensor CAS Is Required for Photoacclimation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii[W]
These findings demonstrate that CAS and Ca2+ are critically involved in the regulation of the HL response and particularly in the control of LHCSR3 expression in green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Recent developments in optical detection methods for microchip separations
  • S. Götz, U. Karst
  • Chemistry
    Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry
  • 10 October 2006
This paper summarizes the features and performances of optical detection systems currently applied in order to monitor separations on microchip devices, points out exciting new approaches, and provides future perspectives on this field.
Oncogenic signaling of class I PI3K isoforms
Several small molecule inhibitors potently and specifically inhibit the oncogenic signaling and transformation of each of the class I PI3K, and, when used in combination with MEK inhibitors, can additively reduce the transformation induced by p110β and p110γ.
Speciation analysis of gadolinium chelates in hospital effluents and wastewater treatment plant sewage by a novel HILIC/ICP-MS method.
A novel method for speciation analysis of the most important gadolinium chelates in wastewaters consists of coupling hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).
Online electrochemistry/mass spectrometry in drug metabolism studies: principles and applications
  • A. Baumann, U. Karst
  • Chemistry, Biology
    Expert opinion on drug metabolism & toxicology
  • 14 May 2010
The electrochemical technique is a promising tool that complements existing in vivo and in vitro techniques in drug metabolism studies and provides a guideline about how far EC is capable of generating a specific oxidative metabolite.
Speciation and isotope dilution analysis of gadolinium-based contrast agents in wastewater.
The analysis of sewage sludge did not prove the presence of anthropogenic Gd, but in the effluent of the chamber filter press, which was used for sludge dewatering, two of the contrast agents and three other unknown Gd species were observed, indicating that species transformation took place during anaerobic sludge treatment.
Hydrazine reagents as derivatizing agents in environmental analysis – a critical review
The most important hydrazine reagents are critically summarized, and their major applications in different fields, including environmental analysis, food chemistry and industrial analysis are introduced.
Biomimetic modeling of oxidative drug metabolism
This review summarizes three different nonenzymatic strategies, including metalloporphyrins as surrogates of the active centre of cytochrome P450, Fenton’s reagent, and the electrochemical oxidation of drug compounds.
One-year Retention of Gadolinium in the Brain: Comparison of Gadodiamide and Gadoterate Meglumine in a Rodent Model.
T1 hyperintensity of the deep cerebellar nuclei was observed only in gadodiamide-treated rats and remained stable from the 1st month after the last injection, while no T1 hyper intensity was observed with gadoterate, consistent with a rapid, time-dependent washout of the intact gadolinium chelate.