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Beyond prostaglandins--chemistry and biology of cyclic oxygenated metabolites formed by free-radical pathways from polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Since the beginning of the 1990s a large variety of cyclic metabolites have been discovered that form under autoxidative conditions in vivo to a much larger extent than do prostaglandins.
Stylopsal: The First Identified Female-produced Sex Pheromone of Strepsiptera
A female-produced sex pheromone of Stylops muelleri was identified as an unusually branched saturated aldehyde (9R)-3, 5-syn-3,5,9-trimethyldodecanal, which gave identical chromatographic and mass spectrometric data as the natural phersomone and also was active in electroantennographic and behavioral assays.
Radicals in transition metal catalyzed reactions? transition metal catalyzed radical reactions?: a fruitful interplay anyway: part 3: catalysis by group 10 and 11 elements and bimetallic catalysis.
  • U. Jahn
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Topics in current chemistry
  • 2012
This review summarizes the current status of transition metal catalyzed reactions involving radical intermediates in organic chemistry. This part focuses on radical-based methods catalyzed by group
Very strong organosuperbases formed by combining imidazole and guanidine bases: synthesis, structure, and basicity.
The synthesis of N,N'-bis(imidazolyl)guanidine bases (BIG bases) is reported, probably the strongest known phosphorous-free organic bases both in solution and in the gas phase.
General and Efficient α‐Oxygenation of Carbonyl Compounds by TEMPO Induced by Single‐Electron‐Transfer Oxidation of Their Enolates
A generally applicable method for the synthesis of protected α-oxygenated carbonyl compounds is reported. It is based on the single-electron-transfer oxidation of easily generated enolates to the
Acceptor-substituted ferrocenium salts as strong, single-electron oxidants: synthesis, electrochemistry, theoretical investigations, and initial synthetic application.
An initial application of selected derivatives in an oxidative bicyclization revealed that they mediate the transformation under considerably milder conditions than ferrocenium hexafluorophosphate.
Lithium Malonate Enolates as Precursors for Radical Reactions − Convenient Induction of Radical Cyclizations with either Radical or Cationic Termination
Lithium malonate enolates 4 or 13 are oxidized to the corresponding radicals by ferrocenium hexafluorophosphate (1) or CuCl2 (2). Trapping by TEMPO (5) to produce 6, dimerization to 7, or radical
Oxidative catalysis using the stoichiometric oxidant as a reagent: an efficient strategy for single-electron-transfer-induced tandem anion-radical reactions.
Oxidative single-electron transfer-catalyzed tandem reactions consisting of a conjugate addition and a radical cyclization are reported, which incorporate the mandatory terminal oxidant as a