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Ecological attributes recorded in stable isotope ratios of arboreal prosimian hair
Abstract Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios were measured in hair samples from two species of Galago from Gedi Ruins National Monument in eastern Kenya and from Lepilemur leucopus from BezaExpand
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Genetic Variations in Bone Density, Histomorphometry, and Strength in Mice
Abstract. The purpose of this study was to assess breed-related differences in bone histomorphometry, bone biomechanics, and serum biochemistry in three mouse breeds shown to differ in bone mineralExpand
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Genetic variation in Arizona Mexican Americans: estimation and interpretation of admixture proportions.
Mexican Americans are a numerous and fast growing ethnic population in the United States. Yet little is known about their genetic structure. Since they are a hybrid, it is of interest to identifyExpand
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Peripheral leptin regulates bone formation
Substantial evidence does not support the prevailing view that leptin, acting through a hypothalamic relay, decreases bone accrual by inhibiting bone formation. To clarify the mechanisms underlyingExpand
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Aging Increases Stromal/Osteoblastic Cell‐Induced Osteoclastogenesis and Alters the Osteoclast Precursor Pool in the Mouse
Stromal/osteoblastic cell expression of RANKL and M‐CSF regulates osteoclastogenesis. We show that aging is accompanied by increased RANKL and M‐CSF expression, increased stromal/osteoblasticExpand
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Stable isotope ratios indicate diet and habitat use in New World monkeys.
This paper demonstrates the use of stable isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen in animal tissue for indicating aspects of species behavioral strategy. We analyzed hair from individuals representingExpand
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Alcohol alters whole body composition, inhibits bone formation, and increases bone marrow adiposity in rats
SummaryChronic alcohol abuse is a risk factor for osteoporosis and sarcopenia, but the long-term effects of alcohol on the immature musculoskeletal system are less clear. The present investigation inExpand
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Influence of body weight on bone mass, architecture and turnover.
Weight-dependent loading of the skeleton plays an important role in establishing and maintaining bone mass and strength. This review focuses on mechanical signaling induced by body weight as anExpand
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Central leptin gene therapy corrects skeletal abnormalities in leptin-deficient ob/ob mice
Skeletal growth is tightly coupled to energy balance via complex and incompletely understood mechanisms. Leptin-deficient ob/ob mice are obese and develop multiple pathologies associated with theExpand
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PTH Stimulates Bone Formation in Mice Deficient in Lrp5
Lrp5 deficiency decreases bone formation and results in low bone mass. This study evaluated the bone anabolic response to intermittent PTH treatment in Lrp5‐deficient mice. Our results indicate thatExpand
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