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A theory for microtremor H/V spectral ratio: application for a layered medium
SUMMARY Microtremors are produced by multiple random sources close to the surface of the Earth. They may include the effects of multiple scattering, which suggests that their intensities could beExpand
Artificial Neural Networks applied to estimate permeability, porosity and intrinsic attenuation using seismic attributes and well-log data
Abstract Permeability and porosity are two fundamental reservoir properties which relate to the amount of fluid contained in a reservoir and its ability to flow. The intrinsic attenuation is anotherExpand
Modeling soil cation exchange capacity using soil parameters: Assessing the heuristic models
We modeled soil CEC using easily measured parameters.Heuristic models were applied for modeling CEC through using k-fold testing.k-fold testing assessing methodology provides much better insightExpand
Tunnel stability analysis during construction using a neuro-fuzzy system
SUMMARY This paper presents an alternative strategy to evaluate the stability of tunnels during the design and construction stages based on a hybrid system, composed by neural, neuro-fuzzy andExpand
Simulation of sonic waves along a borehole in a heterogeneous formation: Accelerating 2.5-D finite differences using [Py]OpenCL
This paper presents an implementation of a 2.5-D finite-difference (FD) code to model acoustic full waveform monopole logging in cylindrical coordinates accelerated by using the new parallel computing devices (PCDs). Expand
GPU computing with OpenCL to model 2D elastic wave propagation: exploring memory usage
We implement the elastodynamic finite integration technique, using the industry open standard open computing language (OpenCL) for cross-platform, parallel programming of modern processors, and an open-source toolkit called [Py]OpenCL. Expand
Modeling soil bulk density through a complete data scanning procedure: Heuristic alternatives
Abstract Soil bulk density (BD) is very important factor in land drainage and reclamation, irrigation scheduling (for estimating the soil volumetric water content), and assessing soil carbon andExpand
The Classic Garvin’s Problem Revisited
The exact analytical solution for surface displacements due to a volumetric line source disturbance buried in an elastic homogeneous and isotropic half- space is attributable to W. W. Garvin. TheseExpand
Modeling Poroelastic Wave Propagation in a Real 2-D Complex Geological Structure Obtained via Self-Organizing Maps
Two main stages of seismic modeling are geological model building and numerical computation of seismic response for the model. The quality of the computed seismic response is partly related to theExpand