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The development and refinement of continental arcs by primary basaltic magmatism, garnet pyroxenite accumulation, basaltic recharge and delamination: insights from the Sierra Nevada, California
The lower crust of the Mesozoic Sierra Nevada batholith was made up of high MgO, garnet-poor and low MgO, garnet-rich pyroxenites. Both groups are genetically linked and are collectivelyExpand
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Regulating continent growth and composition by chemical weathering
Continents ride high above the ocean floor because they are underlain by thick, low-density, Si-rich, and Mg-poor crust. However, the parental magmas of continents were basaltic, which means theyExpand
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Similarities between Archean high MgO eclogites and Phanerozoic arc-eclogite cumulates and the role of arcs in Archean continent formation
Abstract Some insights into the origin of cratonic mantle can be gained from “eclogite” (loosely defined here as an assemblage containing garnet and any pyroxene) xenoliths hosted in kimberlitesExpand
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Geochemical evidence for exhumation of eclogite via serpentinite channels in ocean-continent subduction zones
Retrograde eclogites (ranging from un altered eclogite to retrograde blueschist and greenschist mantling the eclogite boulders) from Ring Mountain on the Tiburon Peninsula, near San Francisco,Expand
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Thermal and Physical Investigations into Lake Deepening Processes on Spillway Lake, Ngozumpa Glacier, Nepal
This paper investigates physical processes in the four sub-basins of Ngozumpa glacier’s terminal Spillway Lake for the period 2012–2014 in order to characterize lake deepening and mass transferExpand
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MicroRNA ’ s influence on leukemia
Continental crust rises higher than oceanic crust because it is less dense: It is rich in Si and poor in Mg. However, basalt, which is derived from magma, is denser and has a higher ratio of Mg to SiExpand
Spectral and Chemical Variations in Rocks and Soils from Iceland's Interior: Implications for Surface and Sub-Surface Weathering Processes in the Martian Northern Plains
Introduction: The barren interior of Iceland has been subjected to a variety of physical and chemical weathering conditions given its location within the rainshadow of the vast Vatnajökull icecap andExpand