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Surflet-pair-relation histograms: a statistical 3D-shape representation for rapid classification
Experiments with artificial data containing varying levels of noise and occlusion of the objects show that Kullback-Leibler and likelihood matching yield robust recognition rates. Expand
A Humanoid Two-Arm System for Dexterous Manipulation
A humanoid two-arm system developed as a research platform for studying dexterous two-handed manipulation based on the modular DLR-Lightweight-Robot-III and theDLR-Hand-II and an overview of the different sub-systems is presented. Expand
A humanoid upper body system for two-handed manipulation
  • C. Borst, C. Ott, +7 authors G. Hirzinger
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Proceedings IEEE International Conference on…
  • 10 April 2007
The diversity of the system is demonstrated by showing the mechanical design, several control concepts, the application of rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) development as well as two-handed manipulation experiments and the integration of path planning capabilities. Expand
Generalization of human grasping for multi-fingered robot hands
An imitation learning approach for learning and generalizing grasping skills based on human demonstrations is presented, which learns low-dimensional latent grasp spaces for different grasp types which form the basis for a novel extension to dynamic motor primitives. Expand
Transferring functional grasps through contact warping and local replanning
  • U. Hillenbrand, M. A. Roa
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 24 December 2012
This work presents extensive results of experiments with a database of four-finger grasps, designed to systematically cover variations on grasping the mugs of the Princeton Shape Benchmark. Expand
Combining task and path planning for a humanoid two-arm robotic system
This paper describes work in progress on planning for a humanoid two-arm robotic system where task and path planning capabilities have been integrated into a coherent planning framework and argues that geometric backtracking is required for resolution completeness. Expand
MRI-Based Skeletal Hand Movement Model
The goal of the method presented here is to determine the precise orientations and positions of the axes of rotation of the finger joints by using suitable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images of a hand in various postures. Expand
SHREC'10 Track: Range Scan Retrieval
The 3D Shape Retrieval Contest 2010 (SHREC'10) on range scan retrieval aims at comparing algorithms that match a range scan to complete 3D models in a target database. The queries are range scans ofExpand
Motion and Parameter Estimation of a Free-Floating Space Object from Range Data for Motion Prediction
This work investigates a method for the motion estimation and for the dynamic model identification of a free- floating target in space and aims to finally allow long-term motion prediction of the target, in the order of 100 seconds, with the identified dynamic model. Expand
Pose Clustering From Stereo Data
The estimator is global and robust, per- forming matches to parts of a scene without prior pose information, and does not require any particular object features. Expand