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Palaeo-moisture evolution in monsoonal Central Asia during the last 50,000 years
Abstract The late-Quaternary climate history of monsoonal Central Asia was inferred from 75 palaeoclimatic records which provide information about moisture conditions in the last 50 ka (or part ofExpand
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A general cooling trend on the central Tibetan Plateau throughout the Holocene recorded by the Lake Zigetang pollen spectra
Abstract A 741-cm-long laminated sediment core, covering the last 10,800 years was collected from Lake Zigetang, central Tibetan Plateau (90.9°E, 32.0°N, 4560 m a.s.l.), and analysed palynologicallyExpand
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Asynchronous evolution of the Indian and East Asian Summer Monsoon indicated by Holocene moisture patterns in monsoonal central Asia
Abstract The numerical meta-analysis of 92 proxy records (72 sites) of moisture and/or temperature change confirms earlier findings that the dominant trends of climatic evolution in monsoonal centralExpand
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Pliocene Warmth, Polar Amplification, and Stepped Pleistocene Cooling Recorded in NE Arctic Russia
From Russia with Lovely Data Climate and the atmospheric concentration of CO2 are closely linked. Brigham-Grette et al. (p. 1421, published online 9 May) present data from Lake El'gygytgyn, inExpand
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δD values of n-alkanes in Tibetan lake sediments and aquatic macrophytes - a surface sediment study and application to a 16 ka record from Lake Koucha.
Abstract A set of lake surface sediment samples and aquatic macrophytes from the eastern and central Tibetan Plateau and a sediment core from Koucha Lake (northeastern Tibetan Plateau) were analysedExpand
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Influence of aquatic macrophytes on the stable carbon isotopic signatures of sedimentary organic matter in lakes on the Tibetan Plateau
Abstract Using a set of surface sediment samples and corresponding macrophytes from the Tibetan Plateau, we show that aquatic macrophytes strongly influence the carbon isotope values of organicExpand
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Holocene environmental and climatic changes inferred from Wulungu Lake in northern Xinjiang, China
Abstract Sedimentological, geochemical and palynological data from Wulungu Lake in northern Xinjiang, China, are used to reconstruct environmental and climate changes since 9550 cal yr BP. HighExpand
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Late Holocene forcing of the Asian winter and summer monsoon as evidenced by proxy records from the northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Abstract Little is known about decadal- to centennial-scale climate variability and its associated forcing mechanisms on the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau. A decadal-resolution record of total organicExpand
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The deep permafrost carbon pool of the Yedoma region in Siberia and Alaska
[1] Estimates for circumpolar permafrost organic carbon (OC) storage suggest that this pool contains twice the amount of current atmospheric carbon. The Yedoma region sequestered substantialExpand
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Holocene treeline shifts and monsoon variability in the Hengduan Mountains (southeastern Tibetan Plateau), implications from palynological investigations
Abstract The upper 8.45 m of a sediment core from Lake Naleng were analysed for its pollen and charcoal content to detect vegetation, climate, and human activity changes on the southeastern TibetanExpand
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