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The first computers: history and architectures
From the Publisher: This history of computing focuses not on chronology (what came first and who deserves credit for it) but on the actual architectures of the first machines that made electronicExpand
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Howard Aiken and the Dawn of the Computer Age
This chapter contains sections titled: Aiken's background, Computing machines, The role of IBM, Mark I, After Mark I
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“Nothing New Since von Neumann”: A Historian Looks at Computer Architecture, 1945–1995
This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction, First plateau: 1955–1965, IBM 7094: the canonical architecture, IBM 360: shift to sets of general purpose registers, The minicomputer: invention,Expand
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History of Computing: Software Issues
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Der Computer als Werkzeug und Medium: Die geistigen und technischen Wurzeln des Personal Computers (review)
to working. In addition to describing historical events, Bardini places Engelbart’s research within a larger sociological framework. Throughout the book he explores the question of how the creatorsExpand
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The Computation of Nature, Or: Does the Computer Drive Science and Technology?
It has often been claimed that the computer has not only revolutionized everyday life but has also affected the sciences in a fundamental manner. Expand
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