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Cytoarchitectonic mapping of the human amygdala, hippocampal region and entorhinal cortex: intersubject variability and probability maps
For the first time, cytoarchitectonically verified maps of the human amygdala, hippocampus and entorhinal cortex are provided, which take into account the stereotaxic position of the brain structures as well as intersubject variability.
Subcortical correlates of craving in recently abstinent alcoholic patients.
This investigation points to state-dependent neurobiological correlates of cue-induced craving in alcoholic patients and suggests that these correlates can be influenced by therapeutic interventions.
Generalized deficit in all core components of empathy in schizophrenia
Brain structure anomalies in autism spectrum disorder—a meta‐analysis of VBM studies using anatomic likelihood estimation
This unbiased summary provided evidence for consistent structural abnormalities in spite of heterogeneous diagnostic criteria and voxel‐based morphometry (VBM) methodology, but also hinted at a dependency of VBM findings on the age of the patients.
Negative bias in fast emotion discrimination in borderline personality disorder
A selective deficit of BPD patients in rapid and direct discrimination of negative and neutral emotional expressions that may underlie difficulties in social interactions is suggested.
Impairment in the specificity of emotion processing in schizophrenia.
Differential impairment was seen in patients with schizophrenia for processing emotional faces, although the nonemotional task proved harder for both groups, and emotion discrimination tests could augment the neurobehavioral evaluation of patients.