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Two-phase flavonoid formation in developing strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) fruit.
Flavonoids are important secondary metabolites in strawberry as they fulfill a wide variety of physiological functions. In addition, they are beneficial for human health. Previous studies have shownExpand
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Growth model of pentacene on inorganic and organic dielectrics based on scaling and rate-equation theory
We have fabricated a large body of pentacene thin films on different organic and inorganic dielectric materials at four substrate temperatures with different nominal film thicknesses ranging from theExpand
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Sorption of Selected Aromatic Substances—Application of Kinetic Concepts and Quantum Mechanical Modeling
Prediction of the sorption behavior of environmental pollutants is of utmost importance within the framework of risk assessments. In this work two approaches are presented with the aim to describeExpand
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Orders-of-Magnitude Reduction of the Contact Resistance in Short-Channel Hot Embossed Organic Thin Film Transistors by Oxidative Treatment of Au-Electrodes†
In this study we report on the optimization of the contact resistance by surface treatment in short-channel bottom-contact OTFTs based on pentacene as semiconductor and SiO 2 as gate dielectric. TheExpand
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Der Flimser Bergsturz, doch ein warmzeitliches Ereignis ?
The Flims rockslide is known as the biggest in the Alps. According to erratic deposits on the slide mass the event has been dated to be late glacial. Recent investigations of the region brought upExpand
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Hybrid polymers as tunable and directly-patternable gate dielectrics in organic thin-film transistors
The long-term target of producing all-organic devices requires custom-designed dielectric materials able to be applied and patterned with a wide range of new and fast deposition and patterningExpand
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Submicron pentacene-based organic thin film transistors on flexible substrates
The authors demonstrate the fabrication of organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) based on pentacene with submicron channels on flexible substrates. Nanoimprint lithography is used for the patterningExpand
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Nanoimprinted devices for integrated organic electronics
During the last 25 years there has been growing research effort in organic electronics to improve the semiconducting, conducting and light-emitting properties of organic materials (polymers,Expand
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Gas leak detection by diode laser absorption spectrometry
Abstract Diode laser atomic absorption measurements of argon traces in low-pressure discharges were carried out to detect and measure gas leaks in a test chamber. Helium flows as a carrier gasExpand
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Detection of argon and krypton traces in noble gases by diode laser absorption spectrometry
Abstract.Wavelength modulation, diode laser atomic absorption spectrometry is applied to measure traces of argon and krypton in other noble gases. Strong transitions from long-lived metastable levelsExpand
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