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Control of ovulation with a GnRH analog in gilts and sows.
Methods for the control of ovulation with GnRH or the GnRH analog D-Phe6 -LHRH (GnRH-A), were evaluated in gilts and sows as the last step in development of a fixed-time Al protocol and results with 50 microg Gn RH-A were superior. Expand
Techniques developed for the control of estrus, ovulation and parturition in the East German pig industry: a review.
A comprehensive review of biotechnological procedures and physiological insights gained by basic and applied research and by their application at the large pig production units is presented. Expand
[Control of fertility outcome in artificially inseminated gilts and old sows. 2: Addition of oxytocin to boar semen. Its effect on length of insemination, pregnancy rate and litter size].
In both gilts and old sows added oxytocin prolonged insemination by more than five minutes and gave clearly better fertility results and Superiority, consequently, was significant. Expand
[The synchronization of sow parturition using a combined treatment regimen of cloprostenol Jenapharm and depotocin Spofa].
  • J. Leike, U. Hühn
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Berliner und Munchener tierarztliche…
  • 1 October 1992
The additional treatment with Depotocin resulted in a shortening of farrowing periods, a reduction in mean expulsion time and effected an increase in farrowing during the day time. Expand
[Fetal death in gilts and embryonic and fetal growth].
Control of fertility outcome in artificially inseminated gilts and old sows. 1: Electric stimulation of estrous sows. Its effect on insemination results.
Fifty gilts and 33 old sows which exhibited oestrous after bio-engineering treatment were electrically stimulated during insemination, using an A.C. mains-connected unit, and the achievement in terms of born piglets was better than unstimulated controls. Expand
Improving management for the benefit of people and pigs: Synchronized farrowing in the pig
The combination of PGF2α with a long acting Oxytocin (Hypophysin®) allows for a further reduction in the individual variation in the commencement of farrowing and reduces the duration of farrowings for each parturient sow. Expand
[Studies on the modification of sexual and breeding maturity in swine using gonadotrophic hormone preparations].
Injection of low doses of PMSG-HCG gonadotrophin mixes to intensively raised prepuberal gilts, aged six months, stimulated sexual juvenile development prior to breeding use, leading to increased live births in first insemination of the test animals. Expand