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Pulmonary mucinous adenocarcinomas: architectural patterns in correlation with genetic changes, prognosis and survival
Overall survival for invasive mucinous adenocarcinomas corrected for T and N stage was not different from their non-mucinous counterpart, and neither pattern, nor type of mucin storage and release, such as luminal, extracellular, or goblet cell type had any influence on survival. Expand
Nontoxigenic sorbitol-fermenting Escherichia coli O157:H- associated with a family outbreak of diarrhoea.
The finding of five stx negative sorbitol-fermenting E. coli O157:H- isolates (harbouring eae and E-hly) associated with an outbreak of non-bloody diarrhoea supports the hypothesis that Stx production is not obligatory for the pathogenicity of E. bacteria O157 for humans. Expand
Immune cell landscape in therapy-naïve squamous cell and adenocarcinomas of the lung
For the first time, a tissue-based analysis of different immune cells in squamous cell and adenocarcinomas of the lung is provided, trying to explain their potential role in tumor development and progression. Expand
Prospective study of the association of serum gamma-glutamyltransferase with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia III and invasive cervical cancer.
The findings implicate GGT in the progression of premalignant cervical lesions to invasive cancer and associations between GGT serum levels and CIN-III risk were not statistically significant in the main analysis. Expand
Recommendations of the Austrian Working Group on Lung Pathology and Oncology for predictive molecular and immunohistochemical testing in non-small cell lung cancer
The Austrian Working Group on Pulmonary Pathology and Oncology (AWGPPO) is presenting an updated version of their previous recommendation published in 2011, addressing practical questions raised during the last 2 years, such as reflex testing, selection of tissues, order of molecular tests, and the issue of resistance mechanisms. Expand
Lung osteoma—a new benign lung lesion
A 39-year-old male patient was treated for multiple myeloma and got a bone marrow transplantation 2 years and a few months before he presented with a solitary well-circumscribed tumor in the right middle lobe, the first case of an osteoma being reported in the lung looking like any other extraskeletal osteoma. Expand
Myopericytoma arising from myopericytosis—a hitherto unrecognized entity within the lung
Two cases of myopericytosis combined with pericytoma originating within the lung are reported, and a more specific therapy using tyrosine kinase inhibitors for VEGFR2/3 might better control these my opericytic proliferations. Expand
Invasive Cervical Cancer-Glutamyltransferase with Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia III γ Prospective Study of the Association of Serum
Authors' A and Health Surgery, In Preventive Epidemiolo Maryland; Baltimore, Germany; Epidemiolo 9Departme Austria; a University o Note: Sup Research O
Advanced inoperable type B3 thymoma: monitoring of a novel therapeutic approach with radio-chemotherapy and sorafenib by FDG-PET and CT.
Advanced inoperable type B3 thymoma: Monitoring of a novel therapeutic approach with radio-chemotherapy and sorafenib by FDG-PET and CT -