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Theoretical approaches to physical transformations of active pharmaceutical ingredients during manufacturing processes.
Processing-induced transformations (PITs) during pharmaceutical manufacturing are well known but difficult to predict and often difficult to control. Expand
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The Importance of Solvates
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All-cellulose composites from woven fabrics
Abstract A method of creating all-cellulose composites from woven fabrics is introduced. Cellulosics when treated with mixtures of polyethylene glycol, urea and salt undergo carbamation. CelluloseExpand
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Structural Studies of the Polymorphs of Carbamazepine, Its Dihydrate, and Two Solvates
High-field cross-polarisation magic-angle spinning 13C NMR spectra are presented for the four known polymorphs of anhydrous carbamazepine, for a dihydrate, and for two solvates. These are allExpand
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The impact of spray drying outlet temperature on the particle morphology of mannitol
Abstract The motivation for this study was to find an adequate substitute for lactose as carrier in dry powder inhalers and to overcome some drawbacks inherent to lactose. Mannitol appears to be theExpand
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Eutectic mixtures of sugar alcohols for thermal energy storage in the 50–90 °C temperature range
This article studies new binary eutectic mixtures of sugar alcohols for their use as phase change materials (PCMs) in the 50–90 1C temperature range. This range is suitable for domestic solar thermalExpand
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Quantitative analysis of paracetamol polymorphs in powder mixtures by FT-Raman spectroscopy and PLS regression.
A fast and simple method for the quantitative analysis of monoclinic (form I) and orthorhombic (form II) paracetamol was developed, based on FT-Raman spectroscopy and PLS regression. Three differentExpand
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A kinetic study of moisture sorption and desorption on lyocell fibers
Abstract Dynamic water vapor sorption on lyocell and cotton fibers was gravimetrically investigated at 20 °C. Lyocell fiber showed a higher equilibrium moisture regain of 9.23% w/w at 60% relativeExpand
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Characterization of cellulosic fibers and fabrics by sorption/desorption.
Three cellulosic substrates: lyocell (CLY), viscose (CV), and modal (CMD) in the form of fibers and fabrics were subjected to wet/dry or wash/dry treatments. The accessibility of untreated andExpand
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Advances in pharmaceutical materials and processing
Abstract Advances in pharmaceutical materials and processing require new generations of pharmaceutical technologies, which in turn require an improved understanding of each step in the unit processesExpand
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