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Chromium-for-iron substitution in synthetic goethites
Abstract Goethites containing up to about 10 mol% Cr were synthesized both from Fe(III) and Fe(II) systems. The structural incorporation of Cr was proven by a linear decrease in the unit cell edgeExpand
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Neuron-glia interactions of rat hippocampal cells in vitro: glial- guided neuronal migration and neuronal regulation of glial differentiation
To examine neuron-glia interactions of hippocampal cells, including glial-guided neuronal migration, glial organization of neuronal positioning and neuronal regulation of astroglial differentiation,Expand
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Central nervous system neurons migrate on astroglial fibers from heterotypic brain regions in vitro.
In different regions of the developing mammalian brain, neurons follow the processes of radial glial cells over very different trajectories to reach their destinations in specific neuronal layers. ToExpand
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Fimbria-fornix lesion increases nerve growth factor content in adult rat septum and hippocampus
Bilateral complete transection of the fimbria-fornix causes a significant increase in nerve growth factor (NGF) content both in the septum and hippocampus of the adult rat as measured by a sensitiveExpand
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Cytochrome P450 of small intestinal epithelial cells
Abstract We have studied total cytochrome P 450 and the major form of cytochrome P 450 increased by phenobarbital in small intestinal epithelial cells and livers of male Sprague-Dawley rats. Using anExpand
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Molecular Mechanisms of Glial‐Guided Neuronal Migration
The migration of young neurons from their site of origin in proliferative zones out into neuronal layers is a hallmark of cortical development. Neuroanatomic studies show that astroglial fibersExpand
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