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Covalent insertion of antioxidant molecules on chitosan by a free radical grafting procedure.
In this work, the synthesis of gallic acid-chitosan and catechin-chitosan conjugates was carried out by adopting a free radical-induced grafting procedure. For this purpose, an ascorbic acid/hydrogenExpand
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New EU regulation aspects and global market of active and intelligent packaging for food industry applications
Active and intelligent packaging is based on a deliberate interaction of the packaging with the food and/or its direct environment to improve food quality and safety. Such technology includesExpand
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Synthesis of antioxidant polymers by grafting of gallic acid and catechin on gelatin.
A novel, simple, and cheap method to synthesize antioxidant-protein conjugates by grafting reaction was developed employing a hydrogen peroxide-ascorbic acid pair as radical initiator system. OurExpand
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Carbon Nanotubes Hybrid Hydrogels in Drug Delivery: A Perspective Review
The use of biologics, polymers, silicon materials, carbon materials, and metals has been proposed for the preparation of innovative drug delivery devices. One of the most promising materials in thisExpand
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Technological aspects and analytical determination of biogenic amines in cheese
Biogenic amines (BAs) are detrimental to health and the consumption of food containing high concentrations of these compounds may cause toxic reactions. In particular, cases of tyramine intoxicationExpand
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Molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction for detection of sudan I in food matrices
Abstract Sudan I is a synthetic azoic dye employed as an additive in foods, and in particularly in those containing chilli powders, because of his intense red–orange colour. Now European CommunityExpand
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Antioxidant–polysaccharide conjugates for food application by eco-friendly grafting procedure
Abstract In the present study, catechin–alginate and catechin–inulin conjugates were obtained by adopting free radical-induced grafting procedure. In the aim to synthesize theExpand
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Evaluation of fatty acids and biogenic amines profiles in mullet and tuna roe during six months of storage at 4 °C
Abstract The aim of this study was to monitor the fatty acids and biogenic amines (BAs) profiles in mullet ( Mugil Cephalus ) and tuna ( Thunnus thynnus ) roe (bottarga) during storage (0–180 days)Expand
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Molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction for cholesterol determination in cheese products
A new sorbent for molecularly imprinted solid-phase extraction (MISPE) to detect cholesterol (CHO) in food matrices able to work in an aqueous media was synthesized. The proposed MISPE protocol couldExpand
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Polymer in Agriculture: a Review
In agricultural field, polymers are widely used for many applications. Although they were used, in the first time, just as structural materials (inhert polymers), in the last decades functionalizedExpand
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