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Visualization of branch points in PT-symmetric waveguides.
The visualization of an exceptional point in a PT-symmetric directional coupler (DC) is demonstrated. In such a system the exceptional point can be probed by varying only a single parameter. UsingExpand
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Evaluation of stable isotope fingerprinting techniques for the assessment of the predominant methanogenic pathways in anaerobic digesters
Laboratory biogas reactors were operated under various conditions using maize silage, chicken manure, or distillers grains as substrate. In addition to the standard process parameters, the hydrogenExpand
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Exact propagators for SUSY partners
Pairs of SUSY partner Hamiltonians are studied which are interrelated by usual (linear) or polynomial supersymmetry. Assuming the model of one of the Hamiltonians as exactly solvable with a knownExpand
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PT symmetry and spontaneous symmetry breaking in a microwave billiard.
We demonstrate the presence of parity-time (PT) symmetry for the non-Hermitian two-state Hamiltonian of a dissipative microwave billiard in the vicinity of an exceptional point (EP). The shape of theExpand
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A non-Hermitian $PT-$symmetric Bose-Hubbard model: eigenvalue rings from unfolding higher-order exceptional points
We study a non-Hermitian $PT-$symmetric generalization of an $N$-particle, two-mode Bose-Hubbard system, modeling for example a Bose-Einstein condensate in a double well potential coupled to aExpand
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Naimark-dilated PT-symmetric brachistochrone.
The quantum mechanical brachistochrone system with a PT-symmetric Hamiltonian is Naimark-dilated and reinterpreted as a subsystem of a Hermitian system in a higher-dimensional Hilbert space. ThisExpand
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Quantum physics with non-Hermitian operators
The main motivation behind the call for this special issue was to gather recent results, developments and open problems in quantum physics with non-Hermitian operators. There have been previousExpand
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Serum ferritin iron in iron overload and liver damage: correlation to body iron stores and diagnostic relevance.
The iron content of serum ferritin has been determined in groups of patients with normal or increased iron stores by using a technique of ferritin immunoprecipitation followed by iron quantitationExpand
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Bypassing the bandwidth theorem with PT symmetry
The beat time ${\ensuremath{\tau}}_{\mathrm{fpt}}$ associated with the energy transfer between two coupled oscillators is dictated by the bandwidth theorem which sets a lower boundExpand
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J-self-adjoint operators with C-symmetries : an extension theory approach
A well-known tool in conventional (von Neumann) quantum mechanics is the self-adjoint extension technique for symmetric operators. It is used, e.g., for the construction of Dirac–HermitianExpand
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