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Free Space Computation Using Stochastic Occupancy Grids and Dynamic Programming
The computation of free space available in an environment is an essential task for many intelligent automotive and robotic applications. Expand
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Ionization constants and distribution coefficients of phenothiazines and calcium channel antagonists determined by a pH-metric method and correlation with calculated partition coefficients.
The pH-metric technique was used to determine the ionization constants and distribution coefficients of 10 phenothiazines and five ionizable calcium channel antagonists. Because the studied compoundsExpand
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Truck platooning in mixed traffic
In this paper, an evolutionary concept for platooning of trucks is presented, which requires no additional infrastructure and can operate in today's traffic conditions. The basic idea is that aExpand
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Stereovision for ADAS
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In this paper, the authors describe ANTS (Agent NeTwork System) a multi-agent system (MAS) designed as a software architecture for controlling multiple software modules. ANTS offers components forExpand
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Applying Kalman Filtering to Road Homography Estimation
o The knowledge about the road homography is crucial for path planning and moving obstacle detection tasks. Most homography estimation techniques rely solely on the road. They work well for highlyExpand
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More than one third of all traffic accidents with injuries occur in urban areas, especially at intersections. Therefore, a driver assistance system supporting the driver in cities is highly desirableExpand
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Recognition of bus stops through computer vision
This paper introduces a real-time Image Processing System designed for autonomous guidance of passenger buses at bus stops. It continuously estimates the position of the bus relative to a worldExpand
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Auswertevorrichtung und Auswerteverfahren für einen Crashversuch
Auswertevorrichtung zur Erfassung und Auswertung von Bildsequenzen von bewegten Messobjekten mit markierten und/oder unmarkierten Messbereichen in einem Crashversuch, mit einem Kamerasystem (1, 1a,Expand