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A theory of semiotics
  • U. Eco
  • Art
    Advances in semiotics
  • 1976
Foreword Note on graphic conventions 0. Introduction-Toward a Logic of Culture 0.1. Design for a semiotic theory 0.2. 'Semiotics': field or discipline? 0.3. Communication and/or signification 0.4.
Semiotics and the philosophy of language
  • U. Eco
  • Art
    Advances in semiotics
  • 1 December 1985
The author examines the role of mirrors in the development of language and the meaning of language in the age of smartphones, which has changed the way that many people think about and communicate with one another.
The Role of the Reader: Explorations in the Semiotics of Texts
Preface Introduction: The Role of the Reader I. Open 1. The Poetics of the Open Work 2. The Semantics of Metaphor 3. On the Possibility of Generating Aesthetic Messages in an Edenic Language II.
The Role of the Reader
An apertured casting is made by first forming a duplicate in the shape of the finished casting, positioning refractory metal bodies such as wires in the duplicate at points corresponding to apertures
The Open Work
1. The Poetics of the Open Work 2. Analysis of Poetic Language 3. Openness, Information, Communication 4. The Open Work in the Visual Arts 5. Chance and Plot: Television and Aesthetics 6. Form as
Lector in fabula
Theory of Codes