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The statistics of lambda CDM Halo Concentrations
We use the Millennium Simulation (MS) to study the statistics of Λ cold dark matter (ΛCDM) halo concentrations at z= 0. Our results confirm that the average halo concentration declines monotonically
The spin and shape of dark matter haloes in the Millennium simulation of a Λ cold dark matter universe
We investigate the spins and shapes of over a million dark matter haloes identified at z = 0 in the Millennium simulation. Our sample spans halo masses ranging from dwarf galaxies to rich galaxy
PMAS : The potsdam multi-aperture spectrophotometer. I. Design, manufacture, and performance
We describe the design, manufacture, commissioning, and performance of PMAS, the Potsdam Multi-Aperture Spectrophotometer. PMAS is a dedicated integral field spectrophotometer optimized to cover the
An interferometric CO survey of luminous submillimetre galaxies
In this paper, we present results from an Institut de Radio Astronomie Millimetrique (IRAM) Plateau de Bure millimetre-wave Interferometer (PdBI) survey for carbon monoxide (CO) emission towards
A Wide-Field Hubble Space Telescope Study of the Cluster Cl 0024+16 at z = 0.4. I. Morphological Distributions to 5 Mpc Radius
We describe a new wide-field Hubble Space Telescope survey of the galaxy cluster Cl 0024+16 (z ≈ 0.4) consisting of a sparsely sampled mosaic of 39 Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 images that extends
Theoretical Models of the Halo Occupation Distribution: Separating Central and Satellite Galaxies
The halo occupation distribution (HOD) describes the relation between galaxies and dark matter at the level of individual dark matter halos. The properties of galaxies residing at the centers of
X-ray emission from star-forming galaxies – III. Calibration of the LX-SFR relation up to redshift z ≈ 1.3
We investigate the relation between total X-ray emission from star-forming galaxies and their star formation activity. Using nearby late-type galaxies and ULIRGs from Paper I and star-forming
The Near-Infrared Broad Emission Line Region of Active Galactic Nuclei. I. The Observations
We present high-quality (high signal-to-noise ratio and moderate spectral resolution) near-infrared (near-IR) spectroscopic observations of 23 well-known broad emission line active galactic nuclei
The 6dF Galaxy Survey : peculiar velocity field and cosmography
We derive peculiar velocities for the 6dF Galaxy Survey (6dFGS) and describe the velocity field of the nearby ( z< 0.055) Southern hemisphere. The survey comprises 8885 galaxies for which we have
A panoramic Hα imaging survey of the z= 0.4 cluster Cl 0024.0+1652 with Subaru
We employ panoramic, multicolour (BRz') and narrow-band Ha imaging of the cluster Cl0024.0+1652 (z = 0.39) from Subaru covering a ∼30-arcmin field, to determine cluster membership and star formation