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A Social Influence Model of Consumer Participation in Network- and Small-Group-Based Virtual Communities
We investigate two key group-level determinants of virtual community participation - group norms and social identity - and consider their motivational antecedents and mediators. We also introduce aExpand
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The Social Influence of Brand Community: Evidence from European Car Clubs
The authors develop and estimate a conceptual model of how different aspects of customers’ relationships with the brand community influence their intentions and behaviors. The authors describe howExpand
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Intentional social action in virtual communities
There is growing evidence of the increasing participation in, and influence of, virtual communities in digital environments. To help explain this irresistible allure, the individual and socialExpand
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Antecedents and purchase consequences of customer participation in small group brand communities
Abstract This paper investigates behavior and determinants of the behavior of small group brand community participants. A small group brand community is a friendship group of consumers with a sharedExpand
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Open Source Software User Communities: A Study of Participation in Linux User Groups
We conceptualize participation in Linux user groups in terms of group-referent intentional actions and investigate cognitive (attitudes, perceived behavioral control, identification with the open source movement), affective (positive and negative anticipated emotions), and social (social identity) determinants of participation and its consequences on Linux-related behaviors of users. Expand
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A motivational process model of product involvement and consumer risk perception
Within consumer psychology, both product involvement and perceived risk are viewed tobe motivational constructs, influencing subsequent consumer behaviors such as information search andExpand
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Goal Setting and Goal Striving in Consumer Behavior
Goals play an essential role in the purposive behavior of consumers, but scholars only recently have begun to examine the motivation for goals, their selection and modification, and their pursuit andExpand
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Temptation and resistance: An integrated model of consumption impulse formation and enactment
Research pertaining to the consumption impulse is sparse in the literature. To address this lacuna, the author presents and validates a detailed theoretical framework explicating the consumptionExpand
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Strategic Herding Behavior in Peer-to-Peer Loan Auctions
Online Peer-to-Peer (P2P) loan auctions enable individual consumers to borrow and lend money directly to one another. We study herding behavior, defined as a greater likelihood of bidding in auctionsExpand
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Communal Service Delivery
Firm-hosted virtual peer-to-peer problem solving (P3) communities offer a low-cost, credible, and effective means of delivering education and ongoing assistance services to customers of complex,Expand
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