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Structural diversity and representativeness of forest vegetation in a protected area of Kumaun Himalaya, India: implications for conservation
Forest vegetation of a Protected Area (Askot Wildlife Sanctuary) in Kumaun (west Himalaya) was analysed for structure, composition and representativeness. A high percentage of non-natives was noticedExpand
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Diversity, endemism and economic potential of wild edible plants of Indian Himalaya
SUMMARY The rich plant diversity of the Indian Himalaya is utilized by the native communities in various forms as medicine, edible/food, fodder, fuel, timber, agricultural tools, etc. Among these,Expand
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Biodiversity status of a protected area in West Himalaya: Askot Wildlife Sanctuary
SUMMARY Biodiversity of a protected area of West Himalaya (Askot Wildlife Sanctuary) was studied and analysed for landscape, faunal and floral diversity. The forest and pasture land, ideal habitatsExpand
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Prioritization of medicinal plants on the basis of available knowledge, existing practices and use value status in Uttaranchal, India
In order to understand the pattern of indigenous uses of medicinal plants available in the Uttaranchal state of the Indian Himalaya, this study was undertaken through literature survey and fieldworkExpand
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Setting priorities for conservation of medicinal plants : a case study in the Indian Himalaya
The paper analyses available information on various aspects of medicinal plants (MPs) of the Indian Himalaya region (IHR). Among the identified gaps in knowledge, lack of objective assessment ofExpand
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In vitro propagation of Saussurea obvallata (DC.) Edgew.—an endangered ethnoreligious medicinal herb of Himalaya
This is the first report of a micropropagation protocol for Saussurea obvallata (DC.) Edgew. (Asteraceae), a rare, threatened and near-endemic medicinal herb of the Indian Himalayan region. MultipleExpand
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Efficient plant regeneration protocol through callus for Saussurea obvallata (DC.) Edgew. (Asteraceae): effect of explant type, age and plant growth regulators
A callus induction and in vitro plantlet regeneration system for the endangered state flower of Uttaranchal (Saussurea obvallata) was optimized by studying the influence of explant type (root,Expand
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Assessment of fuel resource diversity and utilization patterns in Askot Wildlife Sanctuary in Kumaun Himalaya, India, for conservation and management
A general decrease in abundance of wild plant species used as sources of fuel suggests that more detailed information is urgently needed on species-level trends and their conservation. Such studiesExpand
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Micropropagation of Indian wild strawberry
An efficient method of micropropagation based on an increased percentage survival of explants and reduced phenol-induced browning in wild strawberry has been developed. Serial transfer of nodalExpand
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Organogenesis, embryogenesis, and synthetic seed production in Arnebia euchroma—A critically endangered medicinal plant of the Himalaya
SummaryThis is the first report of simultaneous organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis in Arnebia euchroma, a highly valued, critically endangered medicinal plant of the Himalaya. Root-derivedExpand
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