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Vegetation and gap dynamics of a tropical wet evergreen forest in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India
The wet evergreen forest of Nelliampathy in the Western Ghats of Kerala in India is a mixed forest with a high species diversity and basal cover. In this relatively undisturbed ecosystem, canopy gapsExpand
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Ecology and management of sacred groves in Kerala, India
Abstract In Kerala, based on management systems, sacred groves can be categorised into three groups namely those managed by individual families, by groups of families and by the statutory agenciesExpand
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Gap phase regeneration of tree species of differing successional status in a humid tropical forest of Kerala, India
Germination, establishment and growth of seedlings of tree speciesPalaquium ellipticum (primary),Actinodaphne malabarica (late secondary) andMacaranga peltata (early secondary) were studied in aExpand
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Effects of pruning on radial growth and biomass increment of trees growing in homegardens of Kerala, India
To evaluate the effects of pruning on stem radial growth increment and leaf and twig biomass production, an experiment with four pruning intensities (0, 50, 75 and 90%) on ten locally important treeExpand
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Ecology of Bambusa arudinacea (Retz.) Willd. growing in teak plantations of Kerala, India
Abstract A study was undertaken to assess the contribution of bamboo to the vegetation structure, biomass productivity and nutrient cycling pattern in 15- and 20-year-old teak plantations in theExpand
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Changing pattern of species composition and species utilization in homegardens of Kerala, India
Tropical homegardens are traditional agroforestry systems with complex structure and multiple functions. These multi-species production systems are regarded as the model systems for designingExpand
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Successional patterns and gap phase dynamics of a humid tropical forest of the Western Ghats of Kerala, India: ground vegetation, biomass, productivity and nutrient cycling
Abstract The population dynamics of the ground vegetation and its energetics such as biomass accumulation and net primary productivity, and the nutrient cycling patterns in the humid tropical forestExpand
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Germinable soil seed bank dynamics during the gap phase of a humid tropical forest in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India
The present study showed that the density of germinable seeds in the soil of a humid tropical forest ecosystem at Nelliampathy, in the Western Ghats of Kerala in India, fluctuates sharply atExpand
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Tree species yielding edible fruit in the coffee-based homegardens of Kerala, India: their diversity, uses and management
The homegardens of Kerala are known for the high diversity of their species in both cultivated and managed plant communities, with fruit trees as one of the more important components. A study wasExpand
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