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Genome-Wide Transcript Profiles in Aging and Calorically Restricted Drosophila melanogaster
BACKGROUND We characterized RNA transcript levels for the whole Drosophila genome during normal aging. We compared age-dependent profiles from animals aged under full-nutrient conditions withExpand
The staufen/pumilio Pathway Is Involved in Drosophila Long-Term Memory
Convergent findings from the behavioral screen for memory mutants and DNA microarray analysis of transcriptional responses during memory formation in normal animals suggest the involvement of the pumilio/staufen pathway in memory. Expand
Generation of vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells from human pluripotent stem cells
This work found that GSK3 inhibition and BMP4 treatment rapidly committed pluripotent cells to a mesodermal fate and subsequent exposure to VEGF-A or PDGF-BB resulted in the differentiation of either endothelial or vascular smooth muscle cells, respectively. Expand
Target gene search for the metal-responsive transcription factor MTF-1.
A multi-pronged search for potential target genes of MTF-1 emerged, including those encoding alpha-fetoprotein, the liver-enriched transcription factor C/EBPalpha and tear lipocalin/von Ebner's gland protein, all of which have a role in toxicity/the cell stress response. Expand
Genome-based analysis of the nonhuman primate Macaca fascicularis as a model for drug safety assessment.
The genome sequence of a long-tailed macaque female of Mauritian origin is determined using a whole-genome shotgun sequencing approach and allows high-resolution genotyping and microarray-based gene-expression profiling for animal stratification, thereby allowing the use of well-characterized animals for safety testing. Expand
Parallel Gene Expression Monitoring using Oligonucleotide Probe Arrays of Multiple Transcripts with an Animal Model of Focal Ischemia
The authors described the first case of using a custom designed high density oligonucleotide probe array containing 750 genes to monitor the changes in mRNA transcript levels occurring after focal ischemia for a period of 3 hours. Expand
Multiple label-free biodetection and quantitative DNA-binding assays on a nanomechanical cantilever array
It is shown that cantilever arrays can be used to investigate the thermodynamics of biomolecular interactions mechanically, and it is found that the specificity of the reaction on a cantilevers is consistent with solution data. Expand
Roles of AUF1 isoforms, HuR and BRF1 in ARE-dependent mRNA turnover studied by RNA interference.
It is suggested that the relative levels of individual isoforms, rather than the absolute amount of AUF1, determine the net mRNA stability of ARE-containing transcripts, consistent with the differing ARE-binding capacities of the isoforms. Expand
Rapid and label-free nanomechanical detection of biomarker transcripts in human RNA
This work has improved the biosensitivity of label-free cantilever-array sensors by orders of magnitude to detect mRNA biomarker candidates in total cellular RNA and qualifies the technology as a rapid method to validate biomarkers that reveal disease risk, disease progression or therapy response. Expand
The small interferon-induced transmembrane genes and proteins.
Functional characterization of IFITM proteins will provide insight into innate immune defense, cancer development, and other pathways, as well as suggest a single interferon-inducible gene in the common ancestor of rodents and primates. Expand