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The Network of Innovators in Jena: An Application of Social Network Analysis
We apply social network analysis methods to describe the evolution of the innovator network of Jena, Germany in the period from 1995 to 2001. We find this evolution to be directed towards anExpand
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Regional characteristics, opportunity perception and entrepreneurial activities
This article seeks to better understand the link between regional characteristics and individual entrepreneurship. We combine individual-level Global Entrepreneurship Monitor data for Western GermanyExpand
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Classifying Technology Policy from an Evolutionary Perspective
Asked for the most important driving forces of economic development, most economists do not hesitate to state, that it is technical progress which is the main source of quanti-ta-ti-ve andExpand
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Absorbing Technological Spillovers: Simulations in an Evolutionary Framework
This paper offers a simulation analysis of firm strategies which differ by the degree of absorbing technical know-how generated elsewhere. It investigates the success of those firm strategies in aExpand
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Total factor productivity, the east Asian miracle, and the world production frontier
Total Factor Productivity, the East Asian Miracle, and the World Production Frontier. — The post WWII growth of the East Asian Tiger states has stimulated the discussion about its determinants. YoungExpand
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Inventor Networks in Renewable Energies: The Influence of the Policy Mix in Germany
Technological change and gains in efficiency of renewable power generation technologies are to a large extent driven by governmental support. Various policy instruments that can broadly beExpand
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Structural dynamics of innovation networks in German Leading-Edge Clusters
We study the effects of a German national cluster policy on the structure of collaboration networks. The empirical analysis is based on original data that was collected in fall 2011 and late summerExpand
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Picking the winner? Empirical evidence on the targeting of R&D subsidies to start-ups
This paper investigates the allocation of R&D subsidies given to start-ups. Considering the coexistence of various R&D project schemes, we take an aggregate view and analyze the determinants of theExpand
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The Effects of Knowledge Management on Innovative Success: An Empirical Analysis of German Firms
The aim of this paper is to analyse the effects of knowledge management on the innovation success of firms in Germany. Using a matching procedure on data from the German Innovation Survey of 2003Expand
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Networks and Innovation: The Role of Social Assets in Explaining Firms' Innovative Capacity
The claim of a positive association between a firm's social assets and its innovative capacity is a widely debated topic in the literature. Although controversial, such an argument has informedExpand
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