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Novel metronidazole-chalcone conjugates with potential to counter drug resistance in Trichomonas vaginalis.
Trichomoniasis is the most prevalent, curable sexually transmitted disease (STD), which increases risk of viral STDs and HIV. However, drug resistance has been developed by some strains ofExpand
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Hydromagnesite as an Efficient Recyclable Heterogeneous Solid Base Catalyst for the Synthesis of Flavanones, Flavonols and 1,4‐Dihydropyridines in Water
A form of hydromagnesite (HM) with flower-like thin-sheet morphology was synthesized by an environmentally benign approach using simple conventional heating at moderate temperature without using anyExpand
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RGO/ZnO Nanocomposite: An Efficient, Sustainable, Heterogeneous, Amphiphilic Catalyst for Synthesis of 3-Substituted Indoles in Water
A nanocomposite consisting of reduced graphene oxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles (RGO/ZnO) with unique structural features was developed as an efficient, sustainable, amphiphilic, heterogeneousExpand
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Novel 4-aminoquinoline-pyrimidine based hybrids with improved in vitro and in vivo antimalarial activity.
A class of hybrid molecules consisting of 4-aminoquinoline and pyrimidine were synthesized and tested for antimalarial activity against both chloroquine (CQ)-sensitive (D6) and chloroquineExpand
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Ethylenediammonium diformate (EDDF) in PEG600: an efficient ambiphilic novel catalytic system for the one-pot synthesis of 4H-pyrans via Knoevenagel condensation
A novel ethylenediammonium diformate–polyethylene glycol (EDDF-PEG600) system was developed as a catalyst for the Knoevenagel condensation and Knoevenagel initiated three-component one-pot synthesisExpand
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Catalyst-free, ethylene glycol promoted one-pot three component synthesis of 3-amino alkylated indoles via Mannich-type reaction
Abstract A highly efficient and sustainable approach for the multi-component synthesis of biologically important 3-amino alkylated indoles has been investigated via Mannich-type reaction underExpand
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Cu(II)–Hydromagnesite Catalyzed Synthesis of Tetrasubstituted Propargylamines and Pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinolines via KA2, A3 Couplings and Their Decarboxylative Versions
A novel copper supported on hydromagnesite (Cu/HM) nanomaterial was prepared by a simple impregnation method at room temperature and characterized by PXRD, SEM, TEM, EDAX, XPS, ICP-AES and FT-IRExpand
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Reduced Graphene Oxide Supported Copper Oxide Nanocomposites from a Renewable Copper Mineral Precursor: A Green Approach for Decarboxylative C(sp3)–H Activation of Proline Amino Acid To Afford
A green approach for decarboxylative C(sp3)–H activation of proline amino acid was accomplished by coupling with aldehydes and alkynes to afford α-alkynylated N-substituted pyrrolidines asExpand
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One-Pot Synthesis of Aminoindolizines and Chalcones Using CuI/CSP Nanocomposites with Anomalous Selectivity under Green Conditions
CuI/CSP nanocomposites were found to be efficient and recyclable nanocatalysts for one-pot synthesis of aminoindolizines via A3 coupling reaction in the presence of ethylene glycol (EG) as aExpand
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Copper NPs supported on hematite as magnetically recoverable nanocatalysts for a one-pot synthesis of aminoindolizines and pyrrolo[1,2-a]quinolines
Cu NPs such as CuO and Cu2O mixed oxides supported on a hematite surface (Cu@Fe2O3) were achieved using a facile hydrothermal method in a single step. Various techniques such as X-ray diffractionExpand
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