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Managing knee osteoarthritis with yoga or aerobic/strengthening exercise programs in older adults: a pilot randomized controlled trial
AbstractAlthough exercise is often recommended for managing osteoarthritis (OA), limited evidence-based exercise options are available for older adults with OA. This study compared the effects ofExpand
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Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species: Impact on Endothelial Dysfunction
BackgroundReactive oxygen and nitrogen species, known as free radicals, play a key role in the etiology and progression of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease by creating vascular oxidativeExpand
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Efficacy of arm-ergometry versus treadmill exercise training to improve walking distance in patients with claudication
Abstract The efficacy of treadmill walking training to improve pain-free (PFWD) and maximal (MWD) walking distance in patients with claudication is well documented. The effects of aerobicExpand
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Supervised Exercise Versus Primary Stenting for Claudication Resulting From Aortoiliac Peripheral Artery Disease: Six-Month Outcomes From the Claudication Exercise Versus Endoluminal
Background— Claudication is a common and disabling symptom of peripheral artery disease that can be treated with medication, supervised exercise (SE), or stent revascularization (ST). Methods andExpand
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The PADQOL: Development and validation of a PAD-specific quality of life questionnaire
Understanding the impact of peripheral artery disease (PAD) requires broad evaluation of how functional limitations of PAD affect patients’ perceptions of health-related quality of life (HRQL). TheExpand
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Affecting Cognition and Quality of Life via Aerobic Exercise in Alzheimer's Disease
Aerobic exercise is a promising behavioral therapy for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), yet few studies have investigated the effect of aerobic exercise on cognition in AD. The purpose of this pilot studyExpand
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Comparison of the effect of upper body-ergometry aerobic training vs treadmill training on central cardiorespiratory improvement and walking distance in patients with claudication.
BACKGROUND Supervised treadmill-walking exercise programs have been proven to be a highly effective in improving walking distance in peripheral arterial disease (PAD) patients with lifestyle-limitingExpand
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Factors Associated With Toileting Disability in Older Adults Without Dementia Living in Residential Care Facilities
Background:Older adults without dementia living in residential care facilities with toileting disability have increased care costs and dependency. Understanding associated factors could guideExpand
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Noninvasive measurements of arterial stiffness: Repeatability and interrelationships with endothelial function and arterial morphology measures
Background Many noninvasive arterial assessment techniques have been developed, measuring different parameters of arterial stiffness and endothelial function. However, there is little data availableExpand
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