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Two New Species of Mortierella from India
Two new species of Mortierella having certain features in common are described here; both have a subsporangial swelling; in one this occurs just below the sporangium, in the other, slightly below it. Expand
Mean square displacement of iron impurity atoms in copper
Abstract It has been shown that to account for the observed anharmonicity in the mean square displacement 〈 x 2 〉 of iron impurities in a copper host, it may be essential to consider the hostExpand
Species of mortierella from india-III
Three new species of Mortierella viz., M. indica MEHROTRA, M. ambigua MEI-IROTRA and M. vesiculosa have recently been reported from this laboratory, two of which are being reported here as a new species. Expand
An interesting species of Piptocephalis.
Branching of conidiophores in aspergilli
The observations show that the branching of conidiophores in Aspergilli, though infrequent, yet is widespread in a number of species of the genus A spergillus. Expand
Linderina pennispora Raper & Fennell from India
  • U. Baijal
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Mycopathologia et mycologia applicata
  • 15 December 1963
During the isolations of Mucorales from various soils in India this fungus was isolated resembling in all essential characteristics Linderina pennispora, being reported here for the first time from India. Expand
Mossbauer Effect of Sn^ in Tellurium