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Definition of major bleeding in clinical investigations of antihemostatic medicinal products in surgical patients
A definition of major bleeding that should be applicable to all agents that interfere with hemostasis is developed and is to seek approval from the regulatory authorities to enhance its incorporation into future clinical trial protocols. Expand
Body Mass Index and Groin Hernia: A 34-Year Follow-up Study in Swedish Men
In a large community-based sample of middle-aged men overweight and obesity were associated with a lower risk for groin hernia during an extended follow-up, and a true protective effect cannot be excluded. Expand
Total and myofibrillar protein breakdown in different types of rat skeletal muscle: effects of sepsis and regulation by insulin.
The effect of sepsis on total and myofibrillar protein breakdown in incubated rat extensor digitorum longus (EDL) and soleus (SOL) muscles was determined, and the response in vitro to different concentrations of insulin of protein degradation was studied. Expand
Body Mass Index and Diverticular Disease: A 28-Year Follow-Up Study in Men
In a large community-based sample of middle-aged men, overweight and obesity were strongly linked to future severe diverticular disease leading to hospitalization. Expand
Health-related quality of life after laparoscopic and open surgery for rectal cancer in a randomized trial
This analysis compared HRQL 12 months after laparoscopic versus open surgery for rectal cancer in a subset of a randomized trial to report improved health‐related quality of life. Expand
Patient-reported genitourinary dysfunction after laparoscopic and open rectal cancer surgery in a randomized trial (COLOR II)
This article reports on patient‐reported sexual dysfunction and micturition symptoms following a randomized trial of laparoscopic and open surgery for rectal cancer.
Effect of Body Mass Index on Groin Hernia Surgery
In this large and unselected population of patients with a first surgical procedure for groin hernia a relative dominance of female and femoral hernias presented as an emergency condition was observed in the low BMI group, and both lean and obese patients had an increased risk for postoperative complications. Expand
Protein metabolism in skeletal muscle tissue from hyperthyroid patients after preoperative treatment with antithyroid drug or selective beta-blocking agent. Results from a prospective, randomized
It is demonstrated for the first time increased proteolysis in skeletal muscle tissue from patients with high serum T3 concentrations, indicating that changes of skeletal muscle protein metabolism in hyperthyroid patients are not normalized by beta 1-blockade despite the fact that this treatment effectively controlled symptoms and signs ofhyperthyroidism. Expand
Influence of sepsis in rats on muscle protein turnover in vivo and in tissue incubated under different in vitro conditions.
Results suggest that sepsis-induced changes in protein synthesis observed in muscles incubated either flaccid or at resting length reflect changes in vivo, but results in incubated muscles may overestimate the increase in muscle proteolysis caused by sepsi. Expand
Is preoperative physical activity related to post-surgery recovery? A cohort study of patients with breast cancer
It is shown that a higher preoperative level of PA is associated with a faster physical recovery as reported by the patients 3 weeks post breast cancer surgery, diminishing the association above. Expand