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Breast reconstruction by the free transverse gracilis (TUG) flap.
The transverse upper gracilis (TUG) flap is a free musculocutaneous (type II) flap consisting of a segment of the proximal gracilis muscle and a 25x10 cm skin paddle oriented transversely. TheExpand
Ablation and Thermal Depths in VSP Er : YAG Laser Skin Resurfacing
The list of indications for which Variable Square Pulse (VSP) Er:YAG laser systems can be used is continuously expanding. For example, ablative fractional resurfacing treatments performed with theExpand
Evaluation of surgical treatment in mandibular condyle fractures.
AIM In the past, fractures of the mandibular condylar process were, as a rule, treated conservatively. At the Department of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana,Expand
The use of 3D laser imaging and a new breast replica cast as a method to optimize autologous breast reconstruction after mastectomy.
Aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical breasts are the goal of reconstructive breast surgery. Sometimes, however, multiple procedures are needed to improve a reconstructed breast's symmetry andExpand
Management of aplasia cutis congenita in a non-scalp location.
We report the conservative management of a newborn with extensive aplasia cutis congenita of the thighs, associated with a monochorionic co-twin foetus papyraceous. The skin defects on both thighs,Expand
Does a continuous local anaesthetic pain treatment after immediate tissue expander reconstruction in breast carcinoma patients more efficiently reduce acute postoperative pain - a prospective
BackgroundImmediate breast reconstruction with an expander is a reasonable option for properly selected patients. After reconstruction, patients have severe postoperative pain, which responds poorlyExpand
Endoscopic decompression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow.
PURPOSE The ideal operative treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome, the second most common form of peripheral compression neuropathy, remains controversial. We therefore reviewed our series ofExpand
Lateral extension of the free scapular flap.
The scope of the scapular free flap is increased by the development of a further technical variation. The standard scapular flap is lengthened by use of a lateral (axillary) extension, withoutExpand
Surgical technique to reduce scar discomfort after carpal tunnel surgery.
A total of 379 patients (416 hands) with clinically diagnosed and electromyographically confirmed carpal tunnel syndrome were enrolled in a prospective study to determine the influence of a modifiedExpand
Port wine stain treatment with a dual‐wavelength Nd:Yag laser and cryogen spray cooling: A pilot study
We report on a pilot study of port wine stain (PWS) treatment with a prototype Nd:YAG/KTP laser system, emitting simultaneously at 1,064 and 532 nm, and equipped with a cryogen spray cooling (CSC)Expand