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[The pharmacologic effect of flupirtine, a structurally new analgesic].
The analgesic potency of ethyl-N-[2-amino-6-(4-fluorophenylmethylamino)pyridin-3-yl]carb ama te (flupirtine, D 9998) in mice and rats in Haffner's test, electro-pain test and Randall-Selitto testExpand
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Azelastine, a new antiallergic/antiasthmatic agent, inhibits PAF-acether-induced platelet aggregation, paw edema and bronchoconstriction.
Azelastine is a phthalazinone derivative with a wide spectrum of pharmacologically relevant activities. Since PAF-acether has been considered to be a potent mediator of asthma, azelastine was assayedExpand
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[General pharmacologic studies on the analgesic flupirtine].
In the present study the general pharmacological properties of ethyl-N-[2-amino-6-(4-fluor-phenylmethylamino)pyridin-3-yl]carbama te (flupirtine, D 9998), a structural new analgesic, are described.Expand
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Chirality of azelastine and flezelastine: Investigation of their enantiomers
The racemic phthalazinone derivatives azelastine and flezelastine were resolved via formation of diastereomeric salts and fractional crystallization thereof. The optical purity of the enantiomers wasExpand
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Azelastine: a multifaceted drug for asthma therapy.
Azelastine (4-(p-chlorobenzyl)-2-(hexahydro-1-methyl-1H-azepin-4-yl)-1-(2H)-p hthalazinone hydrochloride), a novel long-acting antiasthmatic/antiallergic drug has been demonstrated to be effective inExpand
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Synergistic protective effects with azelastine and salbutamol in a guinea pig asthma model.
Azelastine prevents down-regulation of beta 2-receptors and adenylate cyclase and upregulation of alpha 1-adrenoceptors induced by repeated allergen challenge in the guinea pig lung. In the presentExpand
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Inhibition of cysteinyl-leukotriene production by azelastine and its biological significance
Azelastine is a phthalazinone derivative with a wide spectrum of pharmacological activities. Actively sensitized guinea pigs were used to examine the broncholytic effect of azelastinein vivo.Expand
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Influence of azelastine and some selected drugs on mucociliary clearance
The effect of azelastine and some selected compounds on ciliary beating frequency (CBF) was investigated in vitro using human mucosal samples and in vivo using anesthetized guinea pigs. FurtherExpand
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